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Lorena Fullone

The best part of being an expat which I like the most is rapresented by one word: explore! I have lived in Italy, Spain and The Netherlands and every place gave me pieces of life, personality and happiness.
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Rossella Daví

I like to define myself as a dreamer not only a traveller. I got to live in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands trying to take the most from every Country always with a curious eye.
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Abhyank Srinet

Abhyank Srinet holds a Masters in Management degree from ESCP Europe & has an engineering degree with a specialization in Instrumentation & Control. His interest in the digital landscape motivated him to create an online start up for Masters in Management application consulting (
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Amy Henschke

Amy Henschke is a solo female traveler and blogger who is enjoying her chance to break free from life as she knows it by exploring the rest of the world. When she’s not traveling or writing, she enjoys studying Spanish and seeking out meditation and yoga centers wherever she is. You can read more about her travel experiences at her [blog, Girl Untethered](
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Ana Salido

Ana Salido is a Life Coach, Psychologist and entrepreneur on a mission to help women to make their expatriation a successful project. She opened the Expat Infinity, which is not just for expats or future expats, it’s for all people who want to live their lives without worrying, it’s for people who have dreams and wish to reach them.
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Anna Luo

Anna Luo is an American expat, writer, and traveler currently living in Europe. Born and raised in California, she graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Linguistics and is an avid language enthusiast. Her other passions include human rights advocacy, vulnerable emotions, and protecting the environment. Her love for international experiences was inherited from her late mother, Bonnie, who was an expat for part of her life in China and Spain.
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Artur Meyster

Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.
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Asha Mentzer

Asha Mentzer currently lives in Switzerland but has previously lived in England, France and the United States. She loves travelling and reading, ideally doing both at the same time. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @areaderabroad
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Charlotte Davis

Charlotte Davis is a thirty-something travel blogger who writes about lifestyle, travel, beauty, food and more. She is a digital nomad originally from New Zealand, but home to the world as she aims to explore every country.
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Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a writer and blogger. Over his career, he has written for a number of publications, including The Guardian, The Telegraph, GoDaddy and The Huffington Post. He writes about sport and finance on his website, Spend It Like Beckham.
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Cris & Dani

Cris Barata & Dani Pinaud are two Brazilian friends who set up a company and, despite constant changes, they have always remained together in business. They help expatriate women set up their business, and fulfill themselves professionally, regardless of constant changes.
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Damian Porter

Damian Porter is responsible for implementing Introducer Partnerships and helping expats all over the world secure competitive and appropriately tailored international healthcare insurance plans. Away from work, he lives in South London and he is father to two teenage sons and a long-haired Dachshund. He is a keen runner (or plodder) and hiker, with nearly 250 parkruns under his belt!
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David E Burke

Born in Wales, David E Burke is an accomplished writer who lives with his wife in the English Cotswolds. After a long career as an advertising copywriter, he decided to turn his hand to writing novels.
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David Wienir

David Wienir is a business affairs executive at United Talent Agency and entertainment law instructor at UCLA Extension. Amsterdam Exposed is his fourth book. Previous books include Last Time, Labour’s Lessons from the Sixties (co-authored with a Member of Parliament at the age of 23), The Diversity Hoax, Law Students Report from Berkeley (afterword by Dennis Prager), and Making It on Broadway, Actors’ Tales of Climbing to the Top (foreword by Jason Alexander).
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Elena Darmenko

I'm a cross-cultural psychologist and adaptation strategist. Have the degree in Psychology, Strategic Management and Professional adaptation of the foreign staff. Born and raised in Moscow, Russia. I've been working for 15 years in the field of international cooperation, then started my private counseling practice. Visited more than 50 countries. Generally I can define myself as a very curious person. Curious about different cultures and people.
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Elena Filipovska-Bozinovska

Elena Filipovska-Bozinovska has been teaching Macedonian and Italian since 2001. She has worked at private language schools, state high schools, and at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius state university of North Macedonia. In 2014 she founded Skazalka, a Macedonian language centre for foreigners, and she has taught there ever since.
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Federica Viganò

I have been an expat living in the UK, Spain and Germany. Now back to my home country but always on the move, exploring the variety of living in Italy from north to south. I keep on travelling to discover new cultures and countries,trying to keep it as local as possible.
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Emma Duncan

Emma is a linguist by day and a hopeless daydreamer, also by day. After having lived in a handful of European countries and mostly failing to learn the languages of each, she is now on a mission to crack the code of language learning for people of average intelligence and motivation like herself.
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Franca Sol

Franca Sol is a Middle East based writer and humanitarian worker. She has lived and worked in Oman, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq, where she is currently based. Her background is in Intercultural Affairs, specialized in the Middle East.Little Adventures in Yemen is her debut novel.
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Helena Jalanka

Helena Jalanka,the author and illustrator of the book Greetings from Abroadland – Experiences of Family Life Abroad. Besides the home, the book’s topics are about moving, adapting, language, culture, environment, early education and visiting friends and family in the native country. The chapters are a mix of personal experiences and intercultural experts’ viewpoints. The compact and colourful guide book comes with 35 real-life cartoons and 75 ‘survive and thrive’ tips.
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Hira Malin

Hello there I am Hira, I am Pakistani however my heart is Romanian as my better half is Romanian, raising a multicultural and multilingual kid. I began my adventure as an expat when I got hitched to an expat in Islamabad then we moved to Abu Dhabi and now in Vienna. I blog about expat life, parenthood, travel and social issues.
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Indiana Lee

Indiana Lee is a writer and journalist from the Pacific Northwest with a passion for covering workplace issues, social justice, sustainability, and more. During her relaxation time she enjoys painting, reading, and hiking with her two dogs. You can follow her work on Contently, or reach her at or connect with her on twitter at @Indianalee3
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Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith has been writing for a few years now. She is a writer by day and reader by night. Holding on to her passion for fashion and travel, she believes that traveling helps her see the world and new trends.
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Julia Martinet

Julia is a lifelong learner and a former diplomat who has lived in six different countries prior to moving with her husband and children to Slovenia a couple of years ago. A mom to three amazing kids and a sweet dog, she is about to start her blog, musing about life and the things that inspire her, as well as reflecting on her travels and life abroad.
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Justin Fox

Justin is part of the team at CoursesOnline and is passionate about skills development and improving workforce productivity. Working for an international company based in Melbourne, he's hoping to have the chance to work abroad as well once permitted by Covid restrictions
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Karolina Plaskaty

Karolina is Talent Acquisition and HR professional who moved to London from Poland to pursue a career with start-ups in the Technology and Finance markets. She really enjoys fast pace of life and keeping a close control of her finances is very important to her.
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Katherine Perkins

Katherine is the digital marketer at Noria, Digital Marketing Company based in Thailand and the founder of Social Butterfly Travel Blog. A woman who loves travelling, eating and drinking especially coffee so sometimes she is a cafe hopper. Get in touch with her via twitter.
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Kat Smith

Kat Smith is the founder of [A Way Abroad](, []( ultimate resource for women living and working abroad. She’s lived abroad for 8 years in 4 continents and now leverages her experience and passion for helping women achieve their goals through her mentorship program.
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Kayla Ihrig

Kayla Ihrig is the human behind [Writing From Nowhere ]( she blogs about lifestyle design and helps creators conquer Pinterest. She encourages people to live their daydreams of leaving their 9-5 and building whatever life they want by working online. Kayla moved to Groningen, Netherlands in 2018 from Chicago for love, and is planning her next move abroad in 2023.
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Kirsten Pontius

[Kirsten Pontius]( is an Integrative Health Coach and Wellness Consultant. Her passion lies in helping expats utilise the challenges and adventures in their lives to become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.
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Lauren Smith

An American wife, mother of three, expat and blogger from New Jersey and now living in Barcelona! Her blog, The Expat Chronicle, shares all the aspects of her experience, all the ups and downs of going from the hectic to the hilarious. Also, she wants to help all the people out there who want to make the same step.
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Kitti Palmai

Kitti Palmai is a freelance writer for hire who specialises in holistic health & well-being. She's an expat who's been living in England for 13 years. When not writing, she loves doing yoga, watching romcoms and being around nice people.
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Leila Hashemi

My name is Leila, and I am a 30-something expat living in Beijing, China. One day I decided that I wanted to see the world off of screens and in real life, so I set off a world away. I love discovering new places, meeting locals and trying all the food there is to offer. If you like to wonder, come with me and let's explore this beautiful planet together.
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Linda Lautrec

Linda Lautrec is photographer, filmmaker, professor, researcher, originally from Detroit but a solid New Yorker. Currently, she is finishing her MRES degree at the University of Westminster and completing her PhD studies at Anglia Ruskin University in Humanities and Social Sciences with a focus on digital storytelling and participatory video working with Integrar Diligente, an NGO in Portugal (when she can get there).
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Lisseth Aizpurua

Lisseth Aizpurua is a lifestyle writer from Panama who lived and studied in South Korea for three years. She speaks four languages and is an advocate for language learning as the best way to connect with a culture and gain a deeper understanding of a country and its people. She is passionate about sharing insightful information and detailed accounts of life as an expat in the Asian nation.
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Live & Work Andorra

At Live & Work Andorra, they aim at creating a community of expats living in Andorra and being the single point of contact when considering relocating here. Both Paloma and Teresa (co-founders of Live & Work Andorra) have lived in and traveled to foreign countries. They know the struggles of going through the whole process.
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Magda Theodate

Magda Theodate is an American attorney, writer, speaker, and consultant, with a penchant for all things international. Magda has lived and/or worked in over 70 countries, including in the United States, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. She credits university study abroad programs for opening her eyes to a world of opportunities.
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Marianna Kisvardai

Marianna is an author and transition coach who so far has lived in elevn countries on three continents. She has built a reputation to lead any individual or team from tragic to magic. She is pleased to be one of the initiators to estabilish the first on-land coral nursery in the Seychelles.
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Melissa Gebara

Having grown up in Georgia most of her life, Melissa always had an itch to see the world. She ventured off to Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1998 to live for 2 years. No stranger to international living, in 2017, when an opportunity arose again to move to London, she embraced it with open arms. Melissa is now studying a Master's degree in advertising and PR at Richmond, The American International University in London while living the London life.
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Nicole Eilers

Originally from North Carolina, Nicole Eilers now lives in Paris with her husband and their nine month-old daughter. She shares stories about what she is learning as a new mother, an expat, and a student on her blog.
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Raffaella Tarassi

Raffaella Tarassi is an Interior Decorator and a Professional Home Organizer certified in the KonMari™ by Marie Kondo. She left Italy in 2008 and she has been living in Luxembourg, Singapore and Mexico with herhusband and their three kids. She loves reading, cooking, practicing yoga and discovering artisanal traditions and local cultures.
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Rebecca Siggers

Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insights on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine.
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Sam Bunyan

Sam Bunyan, 26, has been providing readers with personal and insightful accounts of life as an expat since he lived abroad for the first time in 2014. After returning to London last year from two years living in Vancouver, Canada, he aspires to continue identifying what makes a person feel at home in a foreign place. Further to that, finding that special ingredient in new locations. His studies include a History (International) degree from the University of Leeds and a British College of Journalism diploma.
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Sam Tubito

I am a global nomad. A 4th generation global nomad to be precise. I've lived in 14 countries, 18 cities. So far. I speak Italian, French and English fluently and have learned 4 more along the way. I've visited 38 countries. For me, Home isn't one particular place; home is constantly changing and ultimately where the heart is.
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Sara Moreno

A mother of two teenage girls,Sara is a Business School grad living in Montreal, Canada as an expat-spouse. Sara teaches Spanish and sewing at an Art School in Montreal, and opened an Etsy shop where she sells home-goods and clothing made at home. She recently created a traveling classroom that does community work in Cartagena, Colombia, her hometown.
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Sean Campbell

Sean Campbell has been writing professionally since 2014,and has published work with the likes of Roads & Kingdoms, Vietcetera Magazine, Belfast Live, Smile Magazine (Cebu Pacific), while he's also written for three Vietnam travel guides (Fodor's Essential Vietnam, Vietnam Tourism, and Tale City, and audio travel app).
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Sean Delaney

Sean Delaney is a freelance journalist and travel blogger who has penned articles on various countries, including Spain, Australia and Vietnam. He has a passion for creating engaging content and has spearheaded editorial campaigns for LexisNexis and White and Company, a UK-based removals company, among others.
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Sri Lakshmi

Sri Lakshmi is a content curator at Global Tree who has ample experience in writing on overseas education and immigration. She has been recognized as one of the 100 Lionesses driving positive change for women in India by the VR oneness foundation.
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Tamara Jacobi

Tamara Jacobi is the author of [Wildpreneurs ]( a guidebook for turning passion into business. Tamara's book is an adventure story that tells of how she and her American/Canadian family built the[Tailwind Jungle Lodge ]( the wisdom and experience of Wildpreneurs globally. Tamara and her family divide their time between the jungle, the Colorado Rocky Mountains and Lake Memphremagog, Quebec where she was raised.
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Teresa García

Teresa García de Zuñiga Hernandez (28) was born in Spain and moved to Germany in 2018. She works as Senior Community Manager at Mindspace in Berlin. In her position, she leads a team of 5 and is responsible for the community of 700 members
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