Ana Salido

Ana Salido is a Life Coach, Psychologist and entrepreneur on a mission to help women to make their expatriation a successful project. She opened the Expat Infinity, which is not just for expats or future expats, it’s for all people who want to live their lives without worrying, it’s for people who have dreams and wish to reach them.

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Frenchie you are, Frenchie you will stay

November 10, 2019
For some people, being an expat is the best way to live in a place which looks like heaven on Earth - you know, a place where we can drink cocktails and enjoy the sunshine every single day! Well, I’ll let you in on the secret... as an expat, my life…
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Expat women – Opportunity or disadvantage?

June 17, 2019
The opportunity to travel abroad to expand professionally and personally is becoming increasingly common and often results in women becoming expats, leaving their family, friends and social networks to support their husband/partner. And let’s face…
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