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Avvinue: The Moving Checklist App

April 02, 2021
Avvinue is a revolutionary App launched in March 2021 with the goal of helping people plan, coordinate and manage all the aspects of a moving; whatever it’s around the corner or on the other side of the world. It’s quite handy when it comes to expat…
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7 Tips to Help Your Expats Children

November 28, 2020
A few weeks ago Nicole Webb, a journalist, writer and speaker, joined one of our live chats on Instagram, a very interesting one which we suggest to watch. Recently, she published a new book, China Blonde, which talks about expat life - moving from…
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The Summary Return of Children

November 20, 2020
With this article we want to share another perspective of Dubai, which is strictly related to single parents who want to leave with their children and they are not allowed. Quite a struggle for many of them who feel trapped and with not many escapes…
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Mediterranean Sea Islands and Volcanos

October 03, 2020
Today we want to explore a wonderful area of Italy: the Aeolian Islands. Rosamaria Castrovinci (creator of @Sicilyatfirst_sight Instagram account) and Rossella Daví (our Social Media Manager) are going to tell us all about it! The Archipelago is…
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Moving to Spain: Everything you need to know

September 20, 2020
Although the Coronavirus pandemic is still on, a lot of expats keep on moving to other countries, especially in Europe as it’s easier to move from one country to another. One of the favorite country by expats is, without any doubt, Spain. Expats move…
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How I ended up living in Utrecht

August 21, 2020
Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to change, leave, explore new places and experiences? Much more if you feel stuck in a small town where being open minded and having ambitions is not that popular. Yes, this is how I felt and why I decided to…
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5 Things You Should Know About Milan

August 07, 2020
As soon as I say Italy there are 3 main things that pop up in your mind: pizza, bolognese and pasta. Am I right? “Il Bel Paese” is well known for its food and the beauty of its cities. But would you live in one of these cities? What about Milan? The…
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First Trip After Lockdown

August 01, 2020
These past months have been quite intense and scary. As of today, the coronavirus is a bit under control in some countries, while others are still fighting a harsh battle. We all live in uncertainty, we don’t know if and when we will be back to our…
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The Most Affordable Countries to Live

July 17, 2020
Who was thinking to move abroad before the lockdown? And who is still thinking that? Of course, the situation may be changed and there might be much more things to consider, but if you want to move abroad it is still possible. We want to help you by…
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8 Things that changed forever since you live abroad

May 29, 2020
In our expat life there's always a point where we stop, start look at the past and think: how everything has changed, and how you changed too. We chose the 8 most important things that changed in our expat life after moving abroad here we go. 1. You…
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Can an expat get a UK mortgage?

May 23, 2020
Each year, many Brits are leaving their small, humble island behind and moving abroad as the call of global adventure grows ever stronger. Taking a step into the unknown can be scary and some of us take comfort in knowing we still have a foothold…
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