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World’s safest airlines for 2017

February 03, 2017
World's safest airlines for 2017.Travelling by air is the safest method of transportation today, but despite that many people are still afraid of flying. Every time an accident happen it will make all the headlines and some airlines are considered…
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Where To Store Your Most Important Documents?

February 09, 2015
Where To Store Your Most Important Documents?Choosing to live and work abroad is one of the most exciting yet stressful things that you can choose to do.  The more members of your family you take with you the more complicated it becomes.In the good…
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The most unusual sound in the swedish language

January 25, 2015
Swedish is a North Germanic language, spoken by about 10 million of people in the world. (Mostly obviously living in Sweden :D) Indeed not one of the most popular languages in the world.Well, you might think that Swedish is an hard language(and you…
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Outbound App: The Social Network For Travellers

January 18, 2015
We had finally the opportunity to test the new app Outbound, released just few days ago. I can say I was quite excited to give it a try as finally we can have a sort of social network dedicated only to travellers. (I'm personally not a big fan of…
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Moving to Gibraltar, what do you need to know.

January 13, 2015
Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located in the southern part of the Iberica peninsula of Spain.  The little country shares its border, the northern part, with the Spanish province of Cadiz. Just about 20 minutes away there is the famous…
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Most punctual airport in the world

January 12, 2015
The  OAG, the the UK based aviation data monitor, released a press with a study that determines the most punctual airport in the World, and the most punctual airlines.Surprising the first place on the list is taken by the small Hub of Bristol in the…
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7 reasons why you should live in Milan

December 30, 2014
As soon as I say Italy there are 3 main things that pop up in your mind: pizza, bolognese and pasta. Am I right? “Il Bel Paese” is well known for its food and the beauty of its cities. But would you live in one of them? What about Milan? The economic…
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8 Things that changed forever since you live abroad

December 29, 2014
Living abroad is an amazing experience, but it has some drawback with it. Things change, and so do you.You start looking at the past and thinking about it, how everything has changed, and how you changed too. We did the same and chose the 8 most…
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World’s most connected countries

November 26, 2014
The ITU, International Telecommunication Union, released yesterday a report for the world's most connected countries according with their index called IDI (global ICT Development Index).Expat Stories<a title="Living in Denmark…surrounded by the…
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5 Reasons Why Utrecht Is Better Than Amsterdam

November 25, 2014
Whenever I talk with some friends about my life in Netherlands, the first questions they ask me are all about Amsterdam and why, despite the fact that I work in Amsterdam, I decided to live in Utrecht. It seems that many people can just "recognize…
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The Best Country In The World For An Expat

November 24, 2014
Have you ever wondered which one is the best country in the World for expats? I think you asked this to yourself several times,  well we  have the answer now: ** Ecuador**!According with Expat insider of Internations, Ecuador is the most favorable…
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