Elena Darmenko

I'm a cross-cultural psychologist and adaptation strategist. Have the degree in Psychology, Strategic Management and Professional adaptation of the foreign staff. Born and raised in Moscow, Russia. I've been working for 15 years in the field of international cooperation, then started my private counseling practice. Visited more than 50 countries. Generally I can define myself as a very curious person. Curious about different cultures and people.

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Language and Culture: What’s the Connection?

March 21, 2021
Living mobile life, we usually speak several languages and easily switch from one to another. Have you ever noticed that your behavior changes when you speak different languages? You may start speaking louder, or gesturing, or even your voice sounds…
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Intercultural Marriage: Challenge or Advantage?

January 30, 2021
Since the beginning of humanity, people have married and developed intimate ties across cultures. This cultural phenomenon always has been an intricate part of history. Changing and evolving global demographic patterns, where different cultures are…
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