Rossella Daví

I like to define myself as a dreamer not only a traveller. I got to live in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands trying to take the most from every Country always with a curious eye.

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My Paradise Called Rotterdam

September 05, 2020
There are places that I have never thought of visiting, even less to be able to call it home; this is until I found my paradise, which is called Rotterdam. How did I end up here?! Easy answer: it was all about love and the feeling I had to do more…
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Which city is better between Rotterdam and Amsterdam?

June 24, 2020
If you had the chance to come to The Netherlands or talk to people who live in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, you already know there is a kind of competition between this two cities. But how different are they? Which one is better? Let's start to say that…
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How to send money abroad during COVID-19 time

April 09, 2020
One of the conditions of an expat is to deal with some difficulties in sending or receiving money to or from their home Country. Nowadays, with the spread of the coronavirus, the needs to do so is probably increasing and becoming more and more…
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How to work from home and be productive

March 24, 2020
During the last years we have heard more and more about Working From Home (WFH) and in the last period, due to the spread of COVID-19, this opportunity became a reality for almost everyone.Non If on a hand working remotely can be the perfect match…
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The FootlooseBook: the book of the expats

March 08, 2020
How interesting could be to read a book about someone else's experiences and find some of yours there too? It's even more interesting to find yourself thinking out loud at every chapter and saying if you agree or not with the writer or if that…
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Where to buy a house in Portugal?

January 10, 2020
Portugal is a common expat destination in Europe, maybe the most common, thanks to the nice weather and also the convenient tax laws. The tax law is one of the reasons why the property market is continuosly growing since few years and prices remain…
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Expatriate life in the movies

May 30, 2019
Being an expat means being part of a common and important social characteristic. Does the cinema, one of the biggest media in the world, ever take it into consideration? The answer is yes! And what is really interesting is that any “expatriate movie…
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Travel to Yucatàn … ready to go?

April 22, 2019
I was thinking about how to start this article because of my personal story and It is actually not easy. I spent 3 or 4 months thinking just of those 2 words "Yucatàn travel" and organizing the journey with one of my friends and at the end, I couldn…
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Six criteria to define the happiest place in the world

April 16, 2019
When someone decides to go and live abroad, people usually ask “why there?” and thinking if maybe they would choose the same city or country too. I believe that it is often a matter of opportunities or emotions that make the decision for us but there…
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Moving overseas: everything you need to know!

February 25, 2019
Since Alexandra has moved from America to Ireland she got a lot of questions from people looking for advice.  She had spoken about it in her blog and Instagram profile. Some tips are more related to the bureaucracy of the countries she knows (America…
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The goodbye and its beauty

February 20, 2019
Why we need to be sad every time we pronounce or hear the word "goodbye"?! Can we learn anything from it? It was March 2012 and Ross was leaving London to move back, with his family, to the States. He had spent the last 2 years and a half in London…
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