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7 reasons to live (or retire) in Costa Rica

If you are looking for a place to enjoy your retirement, then look no further than Costa Rica, a tropical-paradise in the Central America surrounded by beautiful landscapes that will leave you breathless. Mountains, Caribbean sea and amazing beaches, plenty of healthy and exotic fruits and  incredible places like the Osa Peninsula;  one of the most bio-diverse  places in the world.

Cost of life in Cost Rica is cheap (although higher than many other latin countries) and people are among the happiest in the world. Is one of the most democratic country in Latin America and has no army since 1948.

But let's see in details why you should think about moving or retire in Costa Rica.

1- Peaceful and democratic.

Costa Rica is the most peaceful country in Latin American and one of the most peaceful in the world. After the civil war in 1948 they abolished their army and since then Costa Rica has always been lead by 13 Presidents.

All of them have been widely regarded by the international community as peaceful and transparent (from wikipedia)

2 Beautiful, Amazing Stunning.

Do you like Surfing? Or maybe you would prefer snorkling?  You can do both in Costa Rica, there are beaches with waves for surfing and quite place where you can practice snorkeling, but if you prefer the mountains then you can go for hiking or just to visit one of the volcanos or the incredible vegetation that surrounds the island. There is really a a lot to see and to do in this country, you will never feel bored and if you are a lover of healthy life-style, then you would probably find a paradise there 🙂

3 A great an affordable health system.

Health system in Costa Rica is at an high level and is free and affordable for everyone. Private subscriptions starts from 50 dollars at month, but the basic one which everyone can access, is enough to cover everything.

The health System is also pretty advanced in technologies and a lot of Americans, especially from North, use to come to Costa Rica for surgeons and dental treatments.

4 Happiness!

Yes, Costa Rica is the happiest country in the world and so are their people. According with the Happines index, Costa Rica keep leading as his people are the most happy in the world. The health life-style and cheap cost of life are among the most ranked factor for their happiness.

5 Cheap cost of life

The cost of living in Costa Rica has assuredly become one of the principal considerations when contemplating living in Costa Rica. It is relatively cheap for expats coming from countries like Europe or Australia and also cheap compared with US, maybe different from other countries. Of course life is more expensive in the big cities, and it's getting more expensive because of the high movement of expats and tourists, but anyway I still think is a cheap country where to live. You can check this link to get an idea of the cost of life in Costa Rica.

6 Open minded local and expat community

People from Costa Rica are very open minded and friendly. Also there is a pretty well established expat community that keeps growing and there are a lot of initiative to help new-arrived expats to integrate well in the community.  Known websites like Internations.org or Meetup.com are a great start to look for new people when arrived in Costa Rica.

7 Low taxes

Not only cheap life and good health system, but also a low taxes rate.  In general Costa Rica Taxes are low compared with the rest of the western countries. I have also to say that instead the overall cost of living in Costa Rica it might be high if compared with the rest of Latin and south America, but consider that Costa Rica is, indeed, a country that offer much more better quality of life compared with the others latin countries..

And you? What do you think, have you ever been to Costa Rica? Let us know in the comment 🙂

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