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5 reasons to live in the Netherlands

Netherlands is a country in the North of Europe with 16 million inhabitants and an incredible and increasing expat community. The 50% of habitants in Amsterdam don't speak dutch. Many expats have decided to move there and call Amsterdam their home. A lot of them are coming from Us and overseas countries.  Let's see  what are the main 5 reasons to live in the Netherlands and why you should move to Amsterdam.

1 - Job.

If you are a skilled expats finds a job is pretty easy. In most jobs dutch might just be a plus and in fact for many jobs  the dutch is not a main requirement. Amsterdam is a startup hub and there are plenty of big companies who have their main HQ there.


The salaries are high compared with the rest of Europe, especially in the South. A skilled expats can easily earn around 4500 -5000 a months, which converts a little bit more if you have the 30% ruling applied.

3-The language.

Yes, you don't need to speak dutch to live in the Netherlands. of course no one will stop you to learn the language and speak, also very useful for when it comes to read documents (like legal documents, or taxes  ..), but in fact it is possible to live in the Netherlands and not speak any dutch at all. The master of english of dutch people make easy for anyone speak english rather than dutch. From the supermarket to the old man looking the the construction center, every one speak english in the Netherlands.


Do you love bikes? Dutch people do and if you live in the Netherlands you will to.  Biking is a must in Holland and the streets are divided in parts for cars and in part for bikes.  In Amsterdam there are thousands of bike parking and the city hall is adding more and more every year. Indeed dutch love bikes.

5-Green, nature.

A lot of parks, green areas surrounds the beautiful canals of the Netherlands. There are thousand of green area and the dutch government is seriously committed to recycling and the eco-industry.

So are you planning to move and live in Netherlands? Let instagram viewer us know in the comments.

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