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10 signs you are living too long in Italy

Italy is a beautiful country with a lot of traditions and a lot, a lot of good food :). The friendly attitude of Italians is contagious and if you live with them for a long time, you cannot avoid to start acting like them.

Here there are 10 signs proving that you are living too long in Italy and that the Italian culture has definitely "mastered" your mind.

1 You  talk a lot .. with every one

Italians talk, they talk a lot. At home, at work or in the train, they like talking and chatting. Don't be surprised if you'll start doing the same with strangers in the bus, train or in the line at the post office. It will look like you know that person since ages, that's the Italian way. 🙂

2 The Italian body language!

Italians not only talk a lot, but they move a lot. They are famous all over the world for their hand gestures. You easily recognize it and learn how to do it too. Move your shoulder backto say "boh!" or shake your hand backwards to say "andiamo" (let's go)  and so on, it's fun and I love it!

3 You get used to their (slow) bureaucracy.

Italian bureaucracy is bad! (sorry italian friends) it's slow and every time you go the the office the employee seems to be  sleeping in front of you, they never smile! But you get used to it and you learn how important is to make friends in Italy you know what I mean- . It's also a good way to actually meet people, you might end up in at a bar having a coffee with someone met there. I did it!  😉

4 You learned how important lunch is.

On Sundays your best friend invites you over for lunch with his family. When you go, you find out that his mum started to cook at 7 am and she starts feeding you with a lot of food as a "starter". You know you have to eat all of it or she will keep on saying you "mangia mangia" probably while looking at her son and asking "why she's so thin? They don't eat pasta  in America, do they?" (Note : I love Italian mums, they are  lovely :D)  They might not follow some rules, but heck if they do when it's matter of sitting at the table, it's like a ritual and tradition. You will start doing exactly the same when you wil invite your friends over.

5 You learned how to cook.

What? You are a woman and you don't cook? OMG that is a shame! You will learn how to cook, from the basic which means pasta  to some more elaborated dishes. You will learn how to cook because you will feel like it, it becomes almost a need and, so much more, you totally enjoy it.

6 You don't drink anymore cappuccino after lunch and eat pizza only in the evening.

This was the lesson of my second day in Italy, when I was sitting at a cafe with my new boss for a quick lunch. I ordered a cappuccino and I could read in his face that something was wrong. I'll just skip the waitress ‘s expression, since it was even worse . I got it when it happened for the second time few days later and I finally asked why. Cappuccino is only during breakfast time. It's some kind of rule which means that you can have certain kind of food or drinks- only at certain times of the day, and so the same thing happens with pizza. You can eat it in the evening and never for lunch!

7 Public transports never arrive.

How long do you usually wait for the bus? It's like a mystery, no one knows if you ask, but everyone waits for it. Timetables? Well, they are not always there displaying hours and minutes. At the same time, nobody gets angry, they just take it easy and make good excuses out of it to talk. Again, this is the Italian way 🙂

8 Dressing has a meaning.

Dressing is important. Saturday night, wedding or any other special event has a kind of dress code, you need to be well dressed since most of the people will pay a lot of attention on it. It is extremely important to match colours and styles. The funniest part is, for example, the day after a wedding where women and friends will comment on how much or not at all they liked every single dress saw at the party.

9 You learned Italian fast, because they don't speak English.

You've quickly realized that not everyone in Italy speaks English. Well, you are "forced" to learn Italian, it took me some months but after one year I was able to master the language, well not completely of course, I still have my funny-foreigner accent. And Italian is such a beautiful language that you will fall in love for. Everything on TV is in Italian, while English movies are dubbed even when it's about interviews or documentaries, but eventually it is a good way to learn Italian.

10 When you know by heart this

[italian gestures

Check this post about italian gestures 🙂

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