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Sicily, her husband works thousands of miles away, and this is how she writes to her love.

Sicily, South of Italy 1973.

This story is about a  woman and her husband. They both were illiterate and he was working thousands of miles away, in Germany. The only way to communicate to each other was asking to someone to write and then read a letter for them. But this time she decided to do it herself, and this is how she did it.

She drew this letter for him, and this is the translation by the write Comiso Geraldo :

My love, the distance between us is tearing me up and I stretch my arms with our children out to you. Everybody is fine, only the youngest child is a bit sick. I didn’t receive any reply to the last letter I’ve sent you. Your mother is at the hospital where I go to visit her, don’t worry I always bring her something and I never go alone to not let people talking about me negatively, the second son comes with me and the oldest one stays at home taking care of his brother._

I took care of seeding the fields and I paid the two men who helped me with 150.000 lire. There were the elections for the municipality and I gave my vote to “Democrazia Cristiana” as the priest suggested me. For “La Falce e il Martello” the defeat was too strong. But it doesn’t matter who wins, nobody will take care of us, the poorer ones. We hoed yesterday and we’ll do it tomorrow again.

A lot of olive trees this year. I paid 25.000 lire for the man and the two guys who helped me. And the oil-mill costed me 12.000 lire. I got so much oil that I could fill a big jar plus a smaller one. I could earn 1.300 lire per liter. My love, my heart thinks about you. So much more now that Christmas is coming and I would love to be with you. A hug from our children and me.

_Goodbye my love, I’m only yours and faithful, holding together like our two wedding-rings

This really makes me think how language barriers can be shut down when your love and will are so strong, It doesn't matter what language you speak,  you will always find a way to express your feelings and emotions. And you, what do you think?

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