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The ten most peaceful countries in the world

The Global peace index is the ranking of the most peaceful countries in the world. The list is compiled by the IEP (institute for economics and peace) since 2007. Here his the latest list of the most peaceful countries in the world.

1 Iceland.

This small country is the most peaceful country in the world according with the GPI. Criminality practically does not exist and their army which is basically a Coast Guard and is the only NATO member to have  a "standing army".

2 Denmark

Again a nordic country at the top of the list. This time is Denmark which is more populated than Iceland and, obviously hosts a bigger expats community. Anyway this country is also one of the happiest country in the world, so it seems to be very pleasant to live in Denmark. 🙂

3 New Zealand

New Zealand is not only a peaceful country, ranking third in this list, but is also a country with a vibrant economy and in a strong demand of expats. Beside that is beautiful and is more easy to get a VISA than Australia.  If you can get used to earthquake then might be a good choice.

4 Austria

Austria is, together with Switzerland, one of the country with the highest living standard in the world. It ranks 4th in this list but the capital, Vienna, ranks first as the best city in the world for quality living.

5 Switzerland

Obviously also Switzerland made the list.  It is probably more expensive than Austria but Zurich usually is ranked as one of the best and most expensive city in the world. The salary are also high 😉

6 Japan

The country of manga and new technologies ranks as the first most peaceful asian country, even if this rank could be debated with Singapore.

7 Finland

Again Europe, again North. Finland is the 7th most peaceful country in the world. Probably not the first choice for many expats. 🙂

8 Canada

Canada also make the list as 8th most peaceful country in the world.  Canada is also working on some plans to lure more [expats in the country].

9 Sweden

Sweden ranks 9th in this list. Among the nordic scandinavian countries is probably the one that is having more problem with the economic turndown that is affecting Europe.

10 Belgium

This little state in the centre of Europe is the 10th in the list. Is a very pacific and nice place where to live, with some of the most beautiful city in Europe like Brugges and Gent.

You can check the whole ranking here.

And here to download the report.

And you? Where are you planning to move? 🙂

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