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ten things you probably did not know about germans

Germany is actually one of the most wealthy country in Europe, and beside that germans are famous also for their language, which sometimes does not sounds so friendly  (but of course they are) 🙂

Here ten facts about them that you probably did not know, but it would be useful if you go to live there.

1 Hot during the day and cold in the evening.

They like to eat in this way. A hot meal during lunch and a quick and cold dinner. This type of dinner is called  **Abendbrot, **and basically consist of bread with ham, cheese and  vegetables.

2 Always sparkle water, everywhere!

Germans like sparkling water, if you ask just for water in a restaurant you will get sparkling water, and if you are gust at some friends house they will not offer you tap water, is also considered not nice. Sometimes they like to mix it with wine or beer.

3 Kitchen is tenant property

Yes, if you rent an apartment in Germany, you are likely to don't find the kitchen. The reason? The former owner/tenant brought it with him. This is pretty common and they do the same for fridge and oven.

4 Windows closed.

Yes, this is not because of some phobia but for hygienic reasons. The air outside is not considered good and sometimes it even happens that some doctors give medicine for the consequences of some bad air coming from the window.

5 Silence on sunday

Sunday is the perfect day to clean your house or do some domestic work, well .. in Germany is not like that, sunday is a quite day dedicated to relax so your neighbours are likely to complain if you do.

Expat Germany

6 Free body culture.

FKK is a movement born in Germany about free body culture, so don't feel shame if you go to the sauna and find nude people 😀

7 Movies in english? Nein danke!

Yes, you are just arrived and think "Oh well I don't understand what they say but I can always watch some movies", bad news! All the movies are dubbed in german. But look at the positive side, this will help you to learn fast german!

8 Please means yes and thanks means no.

Yes I know, this looks confusing. Let's look in this way : if someone offer you a beer and you say please, then you will get a beer otherwise if you just say thanks then you have refused that beer. This is important to learn 😀

9 Supermarket .. keep on waiting

Lines at the supermarket are incredible long, boring but when it's your turn, then it come the fun! The cashier will start pushing your stuff so fast that you will not have time to fill the bag, in the while don't panic or the other clients will not look at you in a friendly way.

10 Don't celebrate birthday .. not at least before.

If you want to wish happy birthday to a friend or colleague, just do it on that day and never before. They don't like it and seems it does not bring good luck. So remember this when it's 23:59 and you want to start singing happy birthday. 🙂

Something to add? Let us know in the comments!

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