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The 10 most eco-friendly countries in the world

The university of Yale has released his annual EPI, **Environmental Performance Index, **which is basically the ranking of the countries that do the most for the environment.

As is stated in their website

"The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) ranks how well countries perform on high-priority environmental issues in two broad policy areas: protection of human health from environmental harm and protection of ecosystems."

So, let's see who rank the first 10.

1 Iceland.

As usual Iceland ranks the first. The small country does a lot for the environment, both with social and political initiatives.

Expat Iceland

2 Switzerland

Of course another not-surprising country. Switzerland has a lot of green, but also does a lot to preserve it.

Expat Sweden

3 Costa Rica.

We all know now Costa Rica right? The "Switzerland" of Centre-America ranks on top for environment and commitment to maintain it.

4 Sweden.

Talking about commitment, Sweden has promised to use wind energy  as primary source  before the 2020.

Expat Sweden

5 Norway.

Other North European country on top another commitment. Norway has promised to stop emitting gas before the 2030.

Expat France

6 Mauritius.

Small paradise also for the environment.

7 France.

Expat France

France has always been one of the most promoter of renewable energy.

8 Austria.

Another little country, Austria. The government is directly supporting the citizens in growing plants and garden.

Vienna is the only city in the world with noteworthy winegrowing operations within thecity boundaries.

Expat Austria

9 Cuba.

Despite the political problems, Cuba takes care of their beautiful environment. Yet their efforts are admirable.

Expat Colombia

10 Colombia

Colombia is the last in this list. The last year the government made a lot of efforts in order to slow down or stop deforestation.

Expat Colombia

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