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10 Mind blowing facts about Switzerland.

Switzerland is a small country at the heart of Europe and it's famous for being a neutral country  for it's banks, chocolate and clocks.

Often people see Switzerland like a kind of boring small country, with not much to offer apart of chocolates and clocks. Well, here some facts from Switzerland which I am sure you would not expect, not at all 😀

1 Do not fear the snow.

During winter it may snow very hard, and of course the night is the worst. But you can be sure that, whatever happen in the night, the street will be clean before the 8:00 in the morning.

2 Voting is mandatory.

If you don't you will get a fine, there is no excuse. Not even if you live abroad.

3 They are always ready to contrast an invasor.


Being a neutral country with a very small army it may looks like Switzerland would be an easy country to conquer, but is not like that. Switzerland, even with their small resources, is ready to make hard to everyone to enter the country. All the tunnel and major Highway have steel tubes that can be raised with just one button.

Also all the trees that they planted can be cut off and make almost impossible to pass the roads. And lately, all the bridges are filled with bomb boxes that can be activated remotely. (Switzerland is the country with the most amount of explosive for square meters).

Finally all the direction signs can be dropped in one touch from a central switch.

4 Not only are ready for a conventional war, but also for a nuclear one.

The Nuclear bunker in Switzerland are capable of host all the population in the country (Yes all, including expats like you).

5 Drive slow, all the traffic lights are green. It's called the green wave.

In some cities, like Zurich if you drive at the admitted limit, e.g. 40km/H all the traffic lights will be green. this is called the green wave.

6 Referendum as political choices.

Swiss people use referendum for taking decisions. The referendum are considered very important we wrote recently about the last referendum which has to do with expats.

7 You might be happy to lose your job.

Well, the statement is a bit bold, sure Swiss people are not. But the fact is that unemployment lasts for 2 years, and it includes vacations and so travelling and accommodations.

8 Go green, no air pollution.

The Co2 emission level for Switzerland is just about 5-6 metric tonnes, which is much less than the 18-19 of USA and the 8-10 of Japan which is considered one of the advanced countries on this topic.

9 Lakes everywhere

Wherever you live in Switzerland, you are never far more than 10 miles from a Lake.

10 Punctual like a swiss clock!

Yes off course not surprising 🙂  80% of trains are less than 2 minutes late and 95% are less than 5 minutes late. If a train goes over those values, it will probably make the headline of the newspapers. 😀

Did you know about these facts? There is something new that you want to add? Tell us in  in the comment.

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