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The Top 5 Most Amazing Scuba Diving Sites In The World

Are you a diver or wannabe? Looking for the most beautiful sights to dive? No more searching, we found it! Here the top 5 places in the world where every diver should go at least once in his life.

1 - Barracuda Point (Malaysia)

Barracuda Point is located in Sipadan, Malaysia. It's the only oceanic island and it's famous for its enormous schools of barracuda in tornado-like formations. Many divers travel here to enjoy the amazing experience of diving in this amazing place. Watch this video to make an idea of what can be diving at the Barracuda Point 🙂

2 - Yongala, Queensland, Australia

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The S.S. Yongala sank the 23rd March of 1911 in the coast of Cape Bowling Green in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. It is an amazing 100 meter diving known in all the world for the incredible variety of species marine, but also for their size. In this video you can have a sneak peek.

3 - Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole is one of the most impressive places for cuba diving in the entire world. It's so amazing that it can be seen from space with naked eyes! It is located in the center of the 27 miles (43 km) Lighthouse Reef, and about halfway between Half Moon Caye in the south and Northern Caye. Enjoy the video! 😀

4 - Silfra, Þingvellir, Iceland

From outside it looks like a lake and nothing special. But this small site is very well known because of what lies below. This is the only place in the world where you can dive between 2 continents, Europe and North America. Take a look here!

5 - Middle Arch, Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

This island is 11-million-year-old and while diving here you will find the best sub-tropical underwater gardens on the planet. It offers several sites for diving, like Bernies Cave or *Landing Bay Pinnacle.* A bit more on this video.

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