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The Best Country In The World For An Expat

Have you ever wondered which one is the best country in the World for expats? I think you asked this to yourself several times,  well we  have the answer now: ** Ecuador**!

According with Expat insider of Internations, Ecuador is the most favorable country for expats. They did a survey among expats. The participants were asked to rate their own opinion or experience on a scale of one to seven, or one to five, in some cases.

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They also considered and included several factors, let's see some of them :

  • General Quality of Life Index
  • Ease of Settling In Index
  • Working Abroad Index
  • Family Life Index  (when applicable)
  • The answer to this question: "how satisfied are you with life abroad in general?"

Some results are quite popular, like Luxembourg winning as* financial favorite place for expats,* but Ecuador surprises a bit. There are several good reasons that make this little country the best in the world for the Expats,  let's see why Ecuador is considered the best country in the World for expats.

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Ease of Settling In Index

Ecuador ranks 8th in this special Index. 82% of expats living in Ecuador feels like at home and found very easy to settle down. Many have mentioned the ease of make friends as one of the most important factor that helped them to settle down.

Personal Happiness

Here Ecuador is the first. More than 85% of the participants feels happy living in Ecuador and half of them says he is "Very Happy".

Satisfied with their life

Over 90% of expats are absolutely satisfied of their move to Ecuador. The 42% is so happy that is planning to live in Ecuador possibly for ever.

As we can see the main reasons is basically the life style, over 39% of expats here are retired people and Ecuador is not a country where finding a good job is an easy task, but despite that expats love the country and feels that they improved their lifestyle.

There is also a very small downside. The language is not easy to learn for many expats and english is not entirely spoken. But as people are so friendly this is the last of the problem for the expats.

And you? Have you been to Ecuador? What do you think? Let Us know in the comments!

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