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8 Things that changed forever since you live abroad

In our expat life there's always a point where we stop, start look at the past and think: how everything has changed, and how you changed too. We chose the 8 most important things that changed in our expat life after moving abroad here we go.

1. You feel suddenly free.

Yes, freedom is one of the most amazing feelings you have when travelling. Living abroad isn't so different and even if you know you have always been free, this is a different feeling. You are taking control of your life, challenging yourself and going out of your comfort zone. You wanted to make an experience abroad and you did it, now you are aware of what you can achieve and you know you can achieve everything else you want.

2. Adrenaline pumping in your veins.

Living in a different country gives you adrenaline. Visiting new places and meeting new people makes everything so exciting. Starting from "scratch" can be a bit scary, but something is happening in your mind and body, you just want to go further, discover and achieve more....it's like an addication! Instaed of stopping, you always think "what's next?". That's adrenaline.

3 Language confusion.

If you live abroad for a while, you will probably learn the local language. If the local language is not English, then the mix raises up to 3 languages in total. At a certain point, it will come so natural to confuse words in these different languages, mixing up words and building multilingual sentences. Don't worry you will get used .. maybe 🙂

4. Nostalgia? Homesickness?

C'mon, we know it and don't push it back .. it happens to everyone. There is a moment when you start feeling a bit homesick, you miss your friends and family. It happens suddenly, maybe watching a movie, listening to a song or just seeing a random image in the street. We are humans and it's an amazing experience living abroad, but we all have roots and strong bonds with our beloved ones. So it's normal to feel this way and you learn how to deal with it your way.

5. Lack of words .. or maybe you've got too many in mind

There is so much to say about your expat experience and they way you feel, that you would like to share your feelings with the world. But you can't find the right words. Too many things at once are running in your mind and in your heart. Sometimes, it is difficult to express some feelings, you can try but living them in person is something completely different.

6. Nothing changes at home

When you live abroad you have your own life, while at home everything stays the same. This is what you think, but everytime you go back home you realize how things change while you are not there. You think nothing changes, but everyone else life goes on without you. Sometimes it's like living in two different dimentions.

7. Bravery, yes or not?

Some people tell you that you were brave enough to leave everything and get this chance, your chance abroad. The thing is that, they don't understand that the bravery is just a tiny little part of the whole decision. It has to do what happens also later, how you handle yourself when living abroad and how much you are willing to adapt. Yes you are brave and they can be as well. It is their will that will make the difference! If they want to try, no one can stop them, they can just get their chance like you did. It's up to them!

8. You change.

It might sound like a clichè, but it's the truth: you change, an experience like this will change who you are. You won't realize it at the beginning, but when the time passes by you will see it more clearly. You get to know yourself better, what you like and what you want, what hurts you and what makes you happy. It's like a puzzle that you have to match the pieces one by one and step by step. You grew up, have scars and, much more, you live your life.

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