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Moving to Gibraltar, what do you need to know.

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located in the southern part of the Iberica peninsula of Spain.  The little country shares its border, the northern part, with the Spanish province of Cadiz. Just about 20 minutes away there is the famous "Costa del Sol" in Andalusia, one of the most beautiful coast in Europe.

Gibraltar is often referred as "The Rock" and many english come here for the duty free shopping but also for starting a new life in the sun. Gibraltar in fact has 300 days of sun at year, and very few days of rain.

The weather and the classic friendly Spanish attitude from the South make Gibraltar an interesting place to relocate. We investigated a little bit to understand how to live and work in Gibraltar.

Moving to Gibraltar,

1 More than English!

Gibraltar is english speaking, but many people prefer to speak Spanish. Then there is** Llanito, which is an electric mix of British and **Andalusian Spanish. In general learning Spanish is a very good thing.

2 Most of the expats don't live in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is small, expensive and overcrowded. Most of the expats prefer to rent or buy houses in "La Linea de la Conception" or along la costa del Sol, then cross the border every day for go to work. The difference among the 2 places is quite big, for a 2 bedrooms in Gibraltar expected to spend around 1100/1200 while in Spain it will cost around 500/600. Groceries are also cheaper in Spain than in Gib.

3 There are (serious) political issues.

Gibraltar is in the middle of a contestation between Spain and United Kingdom, with the first that wants back the territory given to United Kingdom with the treaty of Utrecht in the 1793. Obviously there is no risk of "war",  but several problems affects the people living there. Like  the border crossing.

4 Crossing the border might be problematic.

Many expats, as we said, live in Spain and commute everyday. Unfortunately sometimes there are problems and big delays. Some expats blames the Spanish police at the border, that delays the operation in purpose. What is true and we see is that, when it happens, the delay and the line might take up to 3 -4 hours.

The solution? Leave the car or bike at the border, in La linea and then cross the border walking. Is easier and rarely there are problems.

5 Be careful with Monkeys!

Yes, you read it well! Gibraltar has monkeys, 250 more or less. And them are the one to blame for the assaults at tourists during the year. There is a said that says Gibraltar will stay British until there will be monkeys.

6 Online Gaming is the top resource.

If you are looking for a Job, online gaming is indeed the major economical force in Gibraltar, employing about 12% of the work force. From Customer Service to Executive and Developers there are several positions available in this field.

7 The airport and the landing are quite exciting.

Basically the airport takes the big highway, so anytime a plane is expected to land the highway is closed to let the plane land. Funny uh? The planes landing in Gibraltar are mostly from UK while many others expats fly to the closer international airport of Malaga.

8 The Costa del Sol.

osta del Sol,

We have to mention again, this is a magnificent place full of sun and lovely people that will make you fall in love at first sight. La Costa del Sol goes from the borders of Gib up to the always partying city of Malaga.

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