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Outbound App: The Social Network For Travellers

We had finally the opportunity to test the new app Outbound, released just few days ago. I can say I was quite excited to give it a try as finally we can have a sort of social network dedicated only to travellers. (I'm personally not a big fan of Facebook)

The app is for free and is downloadable from the app store or Play Store directly, just head to the main site and click on your favorite store to download it. I tried the iphone app.

At the beginning the registration takes a while, including loading the database for the first time. But this is a good sign as there are almost 1 million of travellers registered.

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After registering a new profile, I used the email option, but it's possible to register with Facebook which should be faster, the app loads your profile page.

The first 2 things I liked from the app :

1 Wifi Spots.

On the top left of the profile page.

Yes, just one click and is possible to look for free wifi hotspots around you.

2 It is possible to create events.

This is a very nice feature. Events are a very good way to socialise especially for solo travellers, like me. I see that the feature is not widely used yet, but it might be a very good one.

The bottom menu, apart of events and profile page, presents also other features like explore,  search and noticeboard.


Explore trips around you or in a country of your choice. You can see who's planning where.


You can search people around you, see their profile and look at their planned trips and trip history. This is a feature similar to many others app indeed. What is good is that most of the profile look real not spammy robots or fake profiles.


For what I understood this is like a board where people can leave tips for the country. Seems good but when I tried to see it worldwide the app asked me to invite 3 Facebook friends to be able to see it, as I did not invite my friends I cannot say anything about this feature.

You can of course add travellers as friends and then interact with them.


Is a nice app, with a couple of features that might come very handy for many travellers.

The graphic interfacce in general can be improved for a better User Experience and having some "helpers" to understand how some of the functionality work would be better.

But in general is a good app, it deserves a try.  🙂

Did you try this app? Let us know what you think in the comments 😀

: /img/uploads/2015/01/Screen-Shot-2015-01-18-at-10.58.11.png

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