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Where To Store Your Most Important Documents?

Where To Store Your Most Important Documents?

Choosing to live and work abroad is one of the most exciting yet stressful things that you can choose to do.  The more members of your family you take with you the more complicated it becomes.

In the good old days where it was just you or you and an other moving was not without challenges, then factor in a couple of children and whoosh the whole shebang takes off.  All of a sudden you not only have to sort out visas and other immigration legalities, somewhere to live, something to drive, places to go etc.  You now have to find schools, childcare, places to keep them occupied, other expat friends…..

You begin to think .. oh my – this did initially seem like a good idea!

Visas, Permits and Legalisation

Visas, Permits and Legalisation

Getting the legalities sorted is one of the first things you need to do because until you have visas and work permits and have your UK documents and certificates legalised your hands will be tied to do anything else.

Depending on the country you are moving to you will have a number of processes to complete in order to be able to work and live there.  It may be that your new employer can help with some aspects of this.

There are a number of experienced UK companies who specialize in assisting UK citizens get their documentation in order as per the regulations of the new  host country.  The staff over at [Vital Legalisation] are experts at handling this and they will help you to understand exactly what you are required to do and help you to do it.

Your Valuable Documents

During the process of getting your affairs in order you will need to have your birth and marriage certificates, passport, qualification certificates to name just a few documents.  Hopefully you will have these to hand so that this can all be done in good time.  Just imagine how inconvenient and expensive it would be if you had lost any of these?

You will however still have important documents such as deeds, wills, lasting power of attorney, insurance documents.   They may not be needed at this time but in the future they will be required and they all need to be stored safely.

Many people find that storing these documents away from the home but still in the UK is a good way to make sure that they are safe especially if they are going to live abroad.  We all know how stressful moving is and we all know how things tend to go missing when we are having a good sort out so perhaps this is a good time to review the security of these important items.

The Advantages Of Storing Documents Away From The Home

  • • All important documents are together in one safe place
  • • Everyone knows exactly where they are and no one can move them elsewhere
  • • No danger of accidentally misplacing or losing them either during the move or after
  • • 24 hour access to electronic copies
  • • Police monitored, alarmed fire proof vault keeps them very safe
  • • If you need them forwarding back to yourselves or to your advisors then just inform us and we shall do it.

The Vital Documents document storage service is new and unique and it is designed to help UK citizens who are living abroad to keep their important documents in one safe yet accessible place.

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