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15 jobs that will make you travel the world

"I give up everything and go live in Bora Bora!", how many times have you had this thought? Well the destination may be different, but the dream of having a job that will make you travel the world has touched your mind for sure. Of course, you can't just leave and do it for free, you need a plan and a job that makes you still be independent. So the best solution would be to have a job that makes you (for real) travel the world.

Guess what? It is possible, and here's a list of 15 opportunities you might want to look for.

15 jobs that will make you travel the world


There are tons of bars in every city willing to offer you a job for a short term. It may require some previous experience, but if you are a fast learner you could be up for it anyway.

Café & restaurant work.

Same as above, there are plenty of restaurants and café around the globe that are often looking for new waitress and waiter. This is also a great opportunity to learn better the local language and live as a local.


If you like to work surrounded by people and have an easy-going attitude, this might be a good option for you. Hostels often look for new staff that are willing to help with different tasks, such as receptions, cleaning and more, in exchange for a bed which is a good way to travel without paying a rent.


A great opportunity to experience the local life is the farming volunteering. Work in the sun and start picking fruit in exchange of a room, board or both. This is very common for travellers and backpackers in Australia, but there are other countries offering the same option.


There are a lot of organisations taking care of different topics and would love to have your support, one is GrassrootsVolunteering.org This usually won't give you a pay, but it will save you money as room and board are usually offered. You just have to google your cause and location.


If you like children and are flexible, this might work for you. Live with a local family, help them to take care of the children and other small housekeeping duties and in return you will have a room, board and a weekly paycheck.


This is the best way to visit more than one place and, at the same time, gain experience by working with professionals from different countries, both fellow crew and passengers. You can choose from a huge amount of activities: hospitality, casino, entertainment, chef, waiter and much more.

Tour Operators & resorts.

Every year and for different seasons, resorts and tour operators all over the world often look for new members from other countries to join their teams. It can be for various activities, just to mention some: restaurants, front desk and entertainment department.

Teach your language.

There are so many people around the world who want to learn a new language, and if you like teaching why should't you just catch this opportunity? English isn't the only language they want to learn, do you speak Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, French or anything else? Look for jobs or setup your own classes by advertising at universities, school or online.

Tour Guide.

If you have excellent communication skills and know a lot about the place you have been in for a while, you can become the local tour guide. A qualification is usually requested, but you can still make your way into this world by getting to know the local associations or opening up your own business.

Work on a Yatch.

If the cruise is too big for you, you might want to choose to travel with a yatch. Sometimes they pay and sometimes they don't, but it is worth to have a look and see what they can offer you back while travelling for few months.


If you are passioned about writing and excited to share your ideas, thoughts and experience, the best choice is write for a blog or create your own one. This requires some times, as you need to make your blog popular enough to earn for your living, but if this is what you like you might want to give it a try.


This includes a wide range of activities and areas, just few examples are tourism, legal, technical brochures or even translating local menus and articles. The more you translate and the more chances you have to find a job in this field, also because you might be asked to show your previous work translations to support your application.


Depending on your background and experience, there are plenty of freelancer jobs around the world. There are various websites where you can create your own account and from there offer your service, going from customer care assistant to SEO specialist and marketing analyst. Check UpWork and Fiveer out to get a better idea.

Work remotely.

It's exploding and expanding all over the world the idea of working from any place you want as long as you have access to internet. Many opportunities are offered in IT companies, and here it really depends on your area of expertise and your need, if you want to work part or full time.

There's only one thing to bear in mind, to pursuit this path you need motivation and flexibility as it won't be a super high level profession and the salary might be less than a 9-17 job, at least at the beginning.

Which job are you going to pick? Let us know in the comments

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