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The Top 8 Countries for Expats

What is the best country in the world to live as expat? Here is the list of the 8 best countries for expats. Let's not waste any more time an go straight to the list :)

1. Norway

Norway offers a high quality life, as well as beautiful landscapes and natural places so you won't be bored during your free time. As you might know already, it is quite cold in winter but it can give you an unique experience of seeing the Aurora Borealis too.


2. Sweden

There are a lot of job opportunities and good conditions in Sweden, indeed the 71% of expats state that the working environment is much better than the one experienced in other countries where they previously lived in.


3. Switzerland

Expats have an average salary of $188,275, which is double compared to the global average. It's also true that it is expensive to live here, but hey you can't have it all. 🙂


4. Ireland

Many of the expats who live here have left years ago thinking "it's going to be only for few months or years, just the time to improve my English skills" and well, they are still living there. Surrounded by the ocean, Irland will surprise you with its pictoresque villages and beautiful natural sites.


5. Malta

If you're looking for a warmer place and nice beaches, then this is the place for you. Moreover, the taxes are lower compared to other countries, it has a good health system and it's cheaper.


6. Finland

Another nordic country in this list, Finland has a high quality life, great schools and health system, so it could be a good place to move with your family.


7. Canada

It is a safe country and has beautiful lakes, cities and landscapes, people are genuinely nice and friendly. Also here,it can get cold in winter up to minus 30 degrees but spring and summer offer a lovely blue sky. Salaries are higher, and there are more job opportunities.


8. Netherlands

Maybe it's for the canals, its typical houses or the colourful tulips in spring, but for sure Netherlands has a lot to offer to expats, such as International communities and good working conditioning. Also, Dutch people speak perfectly English, so it would be easier to settle down even if you don't speak the local language yet.


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