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My Paradise Called Rotterdam

There are places that I have never thought of visiting, even less to be able to call it home; this is until I found my paradise, which is called Rotterdam.

How did I end up here?! Easy answer: it was all about love and the feeling I had to do more, know more about this world. I had a will to escape the beautiful but "small" Sicily, that growth even more after a working experience in Spain. My wish was perfectly alligned with the attempt to build something new for me and for the relationship back then so I packed my luggage, umbrella, dictionary and I moved to the Netherlands.

No, it's not all easy there, you have to deal with the language and its strange sounds, the tough weather and the food (as an Italian, good food is a very important matter!), but once you overcome the first obstacles, and having a good basic English skills, and warm clothes, you will find yourself biking while holding your umbrella, like you've always been in this place! This is because in Rotterdam (alright, it happens everywhere in the Netherlands), the easiest way to move around is by "fiets" (meaning bike in Dutch)

There are so many things to see in the city, from the most famous ones such as the Cubic Houses and the Markhtal, to the beautiful Erasmus Bridge, the first skyscrapre in Europe (Witte Huis), passing from the Oude Haven (Old Harbour) and the city centre the Beurs. What made this city the paradise to me is the combination of cultures, architecture, parks in the city centre, museums and history.

Rotterdam has a lot of history and it's all there, you can see it just by walking through the city, the old that survived to the II World War (i.e. Delfshaven), and new they both live together in an apparently disorder and extraordinary armony!

rotterdam pic 3

What stroke me the most?

It's what Rotterdam can offer, thanks to its soul of a metropolitan city enclosed in 319km². Further more, all the people living there, the feeling of being part of a new family met by chance during an Expat Event or while looking for a new apartment through Facebook pages and social networks. Everybody who wants to share his experience or provide useful advice to the "Expat wanna be" very often use the social networks, such as "Expats in Rotterdam", "Italians (or French, Germans, etc.) in Rotterdam" you might want to give it a try.

Looking for a job in 2013 was a bit easier than nowadays, anyway my advice is to learn at least English before going into this adventure. Once you've done that, you can download the Undutchables app to be up to date on new job opportunities, which you can filter by city or primary language. Linkedin is crucial to finda job and HR employer are definitely active there. Remember to be patient and you need a lot of enthusiasm to be back into the game. From my personal experience it doesn't take too long to find a good job.

Since then (2013) I have moved again to Italy for some years, but I had also the feeling I wanted to come back to Rotterdam, I felt I was missing something. I did come back in 2019 and I found out a new city, more international than ever, but also more alive, with a lot more activities to can do in the city (also open air) that keen to show you what is behind the skyscrapers and the buildings we see. Rotterdam motto is "Rotterdam make it happen" and I can tell, it does!

I had to go trough all processes again and this time everything took even less. The registration in the Country again took me a phone call and a short visit to the city all holding only my passport and a format I had to download from the website. In 1 month I have done 5 interviews and got the job I like.

From the administrational side, I remember how efficient and fast is the bureaucracy for things such as registration at the municipality, open a bank account and receiving the health insurance card. I think I did everything in 3 hours and 1 appointment, as I knew in advance all the documents needed thanks to the call I had before going to the office.

Doe doe (ciao ciao)


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