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7 Top Tips for Wannabe Expats

We always talk about expats, living abroad, travelling and more, and I can only imagine how many of you are temped right now…you only want to buy a one-way ticket to pursue your happiness. It’s nothing crazy or absurd, but the willing to explore, experiment, and expand is something you should be proud of.

But what do you really need to know before buying your ticket? From the experience of many expats, here you can find the top 7 tips you will need to start a new chapter of your life.

Open your mind.

If you are ready to start a new adventure, you need to be ready to open your mind as well, and embrace everything this experience can bring in. I won’t lie by telling you that everything will always go the way you want, but this is part of the game. You’ll learn a lot about life and yourself, more than you would expect.

Search for information.

Once you identify the city you want to move in, my advice is to do your homework by searching all kind of information you need in order to be more familiar with the new place before arriving there. For example, you want to know about the job opportunities, average salary, average for renting a house, pros and cons, and why not search for stories from other expats to know better from people who already experienced what you are about to try.

Holidays Vs living abroad.

My advice here is not to confuse the feeling you have when you first visit a place while you are there for holidays. When you travel as tourist you see a different aspect of the city, it’s always funnier and cooler, all seems easy and doable; while when you actually live a city you get to know all the positive and negative aspects of it, which is something you should consider before making your decision.

Learn the local language.

You’ve probably hear this tip many times, I can tell you it’s not a cliché but learning the local language will for sure save you some frustration and help to design a smother path for your stay in the new city. This goes from the more administrational needs you might have to, to the living like a local and get to know the heart and top of your new home.

Meet local people.

You may find many compatriots around the world, and it may seem easier to bond with them – same culture, same habits and similar ideas. If you really want to get to know the place, adapt and learn the language, you have to meet local people. It may not be easy at the beginning, but there are different ways to do so, for example gym, local events, activities, etc. I can tell you this will be crucial to build your experience in the new city.

Take your time.

Moving to another country, starting a new life, learning a new language and meeting new friends can be challenging and can make you feel down sometimes, but don’t rush! You need to take your time to adapt and get used to everything new you are experiencing. Each one reacts and acts in different ways, so take your time to process your new life.

Deal with homesickness.

Again here, I’m not going to lie about this…you will find yourself thinking back home, missing your family, good and old friends, memories will come back when you less expect them. It’s something normal and you have to be ready to face these feelings. This doesn’t mean that you will feel bad where you are, we’re human beings and it’s normal to miss someone or something, even if you’re happy to be exactly where you are.

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