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The Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World

Take your guess, what is the most expensive city in the world? I did the same and the results were a bit different, at least for the order of some of the following cities. Maybe some of you already live in these cities and can also give us personal opinions on this 🙂 but let's go ahead and check the list created by The Economist Intelligence Unit, according to the findings of the WorldWide Cost of Living Survey.

10.Sydney 9.Tel Aviv It was listed at the 34th place only 5 years ago, and considering the high costs to buy, insure and maintain a car pushes the costs of transport at the very top, with a 79% above the ones of New York. 8.Copenhagen 9.Seoul 10.Geneve 11.Oslo 12.Hong Kong 13.Zurich 14.Paris it has jumped from the 7th to the 2nd position in only one year.

  1. Singapore

Are surprised or did you expect Singapore to be at the top of the list? Apparently, it is 13% more expensive than the benchmark of New York.


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