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5 Reasons why you Should Live in Europe

Most of you have already travelled or lived in Europe, while for others it's still the dream of their life. Well, regardless of the times you have (or not) been on this continent, you will all agree with me: it is simply wonderful! Just to give you a few numbers, it covers an area of 10,180,000km², has over 480 million international visitors per year, and includes 7 of the 10 most visited countries.

Of course, you're wondering, why should I live in Europe? Good question and I have 5 answers for you right here. Be ready to buy your ticket after having read them đŸ˜‰

1. More travelling opportunities.

Once you're in Europe, it is soooo easy to travel and visit more countries within the same continent. It can take between 1.5 and 4 fours flight in total, so it's doable for just a weekend. This might be a good idea for keeping you busy during the European weekends.

Travel in Europe

2. The history

Here no need to say how many historical sites you can find in Europe, all kind of ages and times. You might find yourself walking by the Colosseum or the Berlin Wall, and so much more. You only need to be ready and explore as much as you can.

Berlin Wall

3. Food and wine

Each country has its own typical cuisine, and the funny (well the best) thing is that each region within a country has even more typical dishes. Just think of having a paella in Spain, a schnitzel in Germany or a wine tasting tour in the Chianti region in Tuscany Italy. How does this sound to you? đŸ™‚

Food and wine

4. The Landscapes

What do you like the most between sea, countryside or mountains? Don't bother to answer because you don't have to choose: in Europe you can spend a weekend in each different area and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that are only waiting for you.


5. Different languages, cultures and traditions

There are about 24 languages spoken in Europe, without counting all the dialects and all their deeper aspects. This is all part of the culture and the habits of each country, it can vary a lot from one to another and the best part is to learn as much as possible from each one of them.


So, here's an important question for you: are you ready to live in Europe?

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