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Mallorca: La Isla Bonita

It's almost holidays time and it's normal to think about warm destinations, cocktails and white beaches. All of this reminds me of one of the Baleari Islands: Mallorca. Even if Madonna's song was dedicated to Latin America, I can consider Mallorca as part of this tribute: "La Isla Bonita".

I spent there a little time of my life, and even if I was working it felt like I was on holidays all time.

Mallorca isn't big, but believe me, it is possible to spend hours inside the airport…!!!

The first place that comes up to my mind when I think of Mallorca is La playa de Es Trenc (Es Trenc Beach), one of the wildest and whitest beach I have ever seen. You need the car to go there, and a little tip is to bring with you all you can need during the day, including food and water as there is nothing around.

From here you also have the possibilty to admire the famous Flower of Salt, the salt creates a delicate crust on the surface of seawater, just like a thin flower.

From the local people, here for you the top 7 things you must see in Mallorca:

  • Faro de Formentor and the playa nearby
  • Puerto Adrian
  • Puerto Antrax
  • Cala Figuera
  • Soller
  • The Pueblo Espanol in Palma de Mallorca (city featuring recreated Spanish buildings & landmarks)
  • The Aquarium in Palma



What about food?! Empanada (bread dough filled with peas and pieces of lamb seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika.) is on the top of the list followed by obrasada e boutifarron (local sausage),  as well as macarenas (kind of muffin) and ensaimada (the most tasty and softest pastry in the traditional Mallorca cuisine). Can't tell you more, you have to try yourself 🙂

Mallorca has a lot to offer and for all kind of tastes. You can decide to live in Palma, the city with a lot of shops (oh, don’t forget to visit  the shopping mall él Corte Inglès!), night life, a lot of offices, museums and other attractions; or you can live just outside the city, really close to the beach where the time just stops don't bother to check your watch, just relax and enjoy the sound of the slow movements of the waves.

Something that can be funny and impressive at the same time is the life in Magaluff. Are you wondering why? It is a little village and a sort of English ghetto, a  20-minute drive from Palma. Restaurants,  cocktails bar,  hotels and more are all owned by English people who have imported their culture and habits, and nowedays it is well known to a lot of young tourists who go there for the night life and because it is really cheaper compared to other places.

There are so many different realities in this little piece of earth that 3 months weren't enough for me to discover all about it, people are warm, funny, happy and friendly you'll never feel alone here.

I consider Mallorca one of the most beautiful Islands in the world and what is your favourite spot in the world and why? I'm looking forward to read your stories here in the comments.

Talk to you soon and hasta pronto with a new adventure to share!


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