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Six criteria to define the happiest place in the world

When someone decides to go and live abroad, people usually ask “why there?” and thinking if maybe they would choose the same city or country too. I believe that it is often a matter of opportunities or emotions that make the decision for us but there are some “real” reasons that can help understanding where to start a new life and be the happiest expat in the happiest place in the world!!

Since 2012 the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN), in partnership with the Ernesto Illy Foundation, is running the World Happiness Report.

Happiest countries in the world

For 2019 the top places considered the happiest in the world are:

1.Finland 2.Denmark 3.Norway 4.Iceland 5.Netherlands 6.Switzerland 7.Sweden 8.New Zealand 9.Canada 10.Austria

Are you surprised? I was! I was expecting to see places considered earthly paradise at the top of the list, so curiosity brought me to find out the reasons why they weren’t there and understand the criteria. Weather and beautiful beaches are not in there, instead, we find:

1.Log GPD per capita (in terms of Purchasing Power Parity) 2.Social Support 3.Healthy life expectancy 4.Freedom to make life choices 5.Generosity 6.Perception of corruption (very linked to trust in government)

To create the ranking and nominate the happiest place in the world 156 countries were taken into consideration, and each criteria was evaluated with a score from 0 to 10. Of course, UN collected information from some others associations such as the World Development Indicators (WDI) released by the World Bank, or World Health Organization (WHO). All details about the studies and methods used for this list are available on the [World Happiness Report 2019 website].

What’s next? Pack your suitscases, don’t forget the wintercoat and the dictionary, and buy your one-way ticket for happiness !!! And if you like it, just let me know if you agree and which is the happiest place in the world for you

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