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Should I stay or should I go? Data and feelings about expat life

The song "Should I stay or should I go?"  doesn't mention expat life. It speaks about love! But, even if it is not for a human being, is not love what we feel for our Country? Isn't it for love that often we leave or stay?

Before analyzing data and interesting numbers about expats (and not) in the world, I'd like to share some stories and thoughts from some followers of the IG page @thexpatmagazine.

Claudayita is an expat for 7 years, her story is about necessity and love for someone but also for the native Country. She moved from Argentina to Australia and went back to Argentina and Mexico at the end. The reasons were different. In Australia, she even gets married but she was homesick soon, this is a "con" of being an expat. After coming back to Argentina she lost her loved one and, also, realized her Country's situation wasn't good so she moved to Mexico, following a love story.

Ana, instead, thinks that living abroad is her freedom. She said: "I can live my life on my own terms far away from what me, my family and friends were expecting from me"

There are so many feelings, reasons, pros & cons that can lead to a decision to live an expat life or stay in your homeland.  How many times have we asked ourselves what to do?

Expat Stories

Some numbers

Migrations are caused by a mix of economic, politic and social elements both of the native Country (push factors) and the destination (pull factors).

The Global Expatriates: Size, Segmentation and Forecast for the Worldwide Market shared some info easily reachable on the web. All data shows how expatriation increased in the last years. Nowadays there are around 230 million expats worldwide. Individual workers are around 3%, retired expatriates are 2.9% and the corporate transferees represent 2.8%. This last number is very important because it is often a family moving which can be the reason for expat failure and early return home. (we can say family is a reason to stay).

The major number of expats is coming from the United Arab Emirates and the U.S., a small percentage comes from Poland, Portugal and Sweden. Instead, Qatar has the highest percentage of expats compared to the total population.

The countries producing more expats in the world are China and Uk.

Expat Stories

I believe the numbers are changing already while you are reading this post.

I hope migration reasons will be only for ambition, business, love, curiosity and no more for poverty and war.

We constantly share stories and experiences of people who decided to move to another country and, hopefully, these can also help you to answer some of your questions. How can you [feel at home Abroadland]? Is there [anything that changes forever when you live abroad]?

Looking forward to hearing your voice and find out your experiences about non-expat and expat life.

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