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A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Living in Canggu Bali

Canggu is one of the most chilled out places in the world. It sits north of Kuta and Seminyak, which are hotspots for tourist party scenes. It is located just 45 minutes from the airport in Denspar via taxi. If you are looking for a carefree surfer life, you will find it here. You can catch a wave any day and its warm water means there is no need for a wetsuit. If you are in search of an endless summer, this is the place to visit. Here is what you need to know about living in Canggu.

Applying for a Visa

If you are moving to Bali, you have two options, you can use either the tourist visa, which lasts for 30 days with an extension of 30 days or the Social Budaya visa. The Social Budaya visa is used when visiting family or friends. If you have a friend in Indonesia, you can use it. This visa can be extended for up to six months. The 60-day tourist visa cannot be accessed on arrival in Indonesia if you are from the ASEAN nations; you have to apply for it at home country.

Daily Cost of Living in Canggu Bali

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The cost of living in Canggu will depend on how you are willing to spend. Food can range from $1 USD to $50 USD. If you are planning to move here, you should budget for about $20 USD per day. It covers three nice meals when you eat out, a coffee, and a beer or other beverage to take in the evening. The budget will swing above or below that in most cases. If you really want to save cash, you can cook at home for about $10 per day if you pick the right market.

Getting Around in Canngu

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As a digital nomad in Bali, you might want to get around and see a bit of the Canggu attractions. A good way to do it is by using a rental scooter. It costs about $5 USD a day. If you opt for the month-long option, it lowers to about $3 a day. You will also need an international driving license when renting a bike. If you are caught riding without a license, the underhand method to get out of it will cost you $5 to $15 USD.

Networking as a Digital Nomad

Many digital nomads work in Bali. You can join a tribe of them and make some friends. One place to start is by going to a co-working space. The co-working spaces around Bali can be quite expensive. They will cost you about $15 USD a day. For that, you get a comfortable working area, good Wi-Fi, and some low-quality coffee. You may also opt to work at a café for $2 USD per day and get all the services minus the bad coffee. What you will be paying for is the company. You can do it twice a week to meet other freelancers and network.


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While staying here, you will obviously want to be thinking about fitness in Canggu. There is a CrossFit gym within the area. Besides that, you can find gyms that offer small weights for you to lift. In addition, you can visit one of the Active Escapes Bali, which are great Bali fitness retreats that you can join.


In general, Canggu is a great place for a digital nomad to stay. However, keep in mind that you have some travel insurance. In case of an emergency medical condition, it will ensure that you are quickly flown to the nearby medical centre or Singapore for any major surgery.

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