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How to Create A Digital Nomad Travel Blog that Ranks Well

If you are a digital nomad who likes to travel to exciting destinations, you can make some money on the side by starting a digital nomad blog. A digital nomad travel blog is a great way to keep friends and other people in the digital nomad world informed of your adventures. However, if you are expecting your blog to become an overnight success, you are sorely mistaken.

However, if you are serious about creating a travel lifestyle blog, a good foundation could ensure major success later. Just as with travel, you will find blogging gives you many opportunities for experimentation. Here are some tips to become a successful travel blogger.

Create the Name of the Blog and Buy a Proper Domain

The right domain name will play an important role in your success as a blogger. The best name is short, catchy, and easy to remember. Besides that, it should be timeless. In short, you need to choose a blog name that has global appeal, especially if you are targeting the global digital nomad community. Keep in mind that not everyone might be an English speaker. Thus, some names might not make much sense to them.

Pick a Good Hosting Plan

There are many cheap VPS web hosting options from which you can pick. However, price should not be your main consideration. Site performance should be your main priority. The hosting service affects how fast your site runs and traffic capacity.

Thus, you need to find a reliable web hosting service with a great reputation. Some hosting services will even give you a free domain when you open an account with them. The new domain will be free for about a year, after which you have to pay for it.

Pick the Right Theme

A good custom theme can boost your blog post in the eyes of visitors. However, the theme must also provide enough functionality. For instance, you need to decide whether your blog will have a major focus on images, videos, or text. You can then customize your blog according to the main content that will appear on the site.

You also need to ensure that your theme looks great on various devices. Some themes might look good on a laptop but not so good on a phone. Test in on various devices to see if it works great on all of them.

Connect to Social Media and Start an Email Lists

Almost all digital nomads today are on social media. You can share your blog with them to build up a following. Besides that, an email list will ensure that your audience is kept informed about your latest blog posts. You should use an email list service to help you automate the process of sending out new alerts via email.

Start Creating Content

Finally, you want to create content on a regular basis. Ideally, the content should be created according to a fixed schedule. This way, your fans know when to visit your blog to see new posts. You should also have a comment section where they can send feedback on what they wish to you talk about next. When creating contents, avoid creating duplicated ones. You also have to ensure that the contents are optimized for SEO. This will reduce your advertising budget while helping you generate more income over time.


Starting a successful blog for digital nomads is something that will take time, research, and a lot of effort. You have to be able to create original and captivating content on a weekly or monthly basis. However, do not expect this to happen overnight. Gaining a following will take time and some money too. However, if you are committed to the course, you will succeed.

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