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The Best Australian Outback Experiences for Indie Travelers

If you're planning to take a trip around Australia on a budget, then you should know that the Land Down Under is quite on the expensive side. However, you shouldn't miss out on its signature Southern charm which contrasts the thrilling outback life just because you can't afford to visit the cosmopolitan and luxurious scene. So, here is a list of 5 tips to make sure that you experience the outback of Australia and save money.

Visit the Pacific Coast

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The first place you should visit when you arrive in Australia is the legendary Emerald Beach on the Pacific coast. Take the Pacific Highway and head north towards Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour.

You'll enjoy a long but relaxing drive down the Pacific Coast to reach Gold Coast. But, before you get there, you should visit the Reptile Park where you'll see some of the most dangerous spiders and sakes which are milked to make antivenom.

Also, you'll enjoy meeting native animals including platypus, kangaroos, and wombats. Next, join a tour of the first koala hospital in the world before you hit the road again towards Coffs Harbour.

Soak Up the Sun in Gold Coast

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If you love water sports, the Gold Coast is your go-to place. Check the many surf shops on the Gold Coast beach and hire a kayak, a stand-up board or surfboard to ride the waves.

Afterwards, you can take a 15-minute trip to the Currumbin Pools where you can enjoy the natural swimming pools in the Currumbin Valley mountain creek.

And, if you're in Gold Coast on the weekend, take a walk through the Village Markets which are open on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. You'll find everything from trendy fashion items to vintage art, handmade leather items or homemade dishes.

Kinchega National Park

To travel from Sydney to Broken Hill you can take the Broken Hill Explorer train which operates on a weekly basis. Or, book a place on the XPT trains which travel from Sydney to Dubbo with connections to Broken Hill.

However, if you're travelling from Melbourne take the route through Mildura, Wentworth and follow the Silver City Highway until you reach your destination. The distance from Melbourne to Broken Hill is about 850 km which you can cover in a day.

When you reach your destination, consider camping in the ensuite sites or the caravan parks in Broken Hill. You'll enjoy the privacy of having your own private shower and related facilities while experiencing the outback environment.

After you've settled in, book an Australian outback camping tours such as a trip to Kinchega National Park, which is about 2 hours away from the camping site. It's the original land of the Paakantji people who caught different fish using spears or by diving into the waters and made special baskets and fishnets to catch the fish.

The artifacts date back to around 35,000 years ago. You can explore the aboriginal sites along the banks of the Darling River or on the shores of Lake Cawndilla, Lake Menindee or Lake Emu. And, if you love photography, you'll have great opportunities to take the best pictures of kangaroos, emus, goannas and native birds.

Book a Day Tour to Silverton

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The Silverton day tour is one of the most rewarding in the Land Down Under. You can reach Silverton in just under 20 minutes by car if you're driving from the Broken Hill Tourist Park.

It's a typical outback town which boasts incredible surroundings and offers plenty of things to do such as visiting art museums, studios or relaxing at one of the town's pubs and cafes. And, because Silverton embodies the classic Australian outback touch it's no surprise that it's become a famous film location for international commercials and movies.

Experience an Outback Tour in Broken Hill

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To experience the true outback scene in Australia, you should book a tour with specialist providers in Broken Hill. You'll enjoy an adrenaline rush while racing through the desert and rocky earth landscape with safe and strong SUVs.

The professional tour guides will introduce you to the spectacular surrounding, the mind-blowing wildlife, and the unique Broken Hill character so you'll learn all you need to know about Australia's outback.

Moreover, you could find many types of accommodations including self-contained cottages in Broken Hill to fit your outback travel styles. Also, you could be stopping in the middle of nowhere to gather native bushes or sit around a campfire to enjoy the clear skies of the Land Down Under.

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