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5 jobs titles and careers that have the most demand overseas

As populations grow across the globe and environments in certain industries begin to evolve and change, we’re finding that the need to fill job roles seem to be going in a merry-go round.

According to a new report conducted by job site CareerCast, medical and healthcare professions are now at the forefront when it comes to being in-demand to fill roles. Of course, within the healthcare industry there are required expertise required in the industry in order to be applicable. Jobs are also secure considering the salaries are paid for through the government.

There are also other careers on the list that you could pursue. Below is a list of the top jobs that are currently in demand for 2019 as they continue to grow in importance over the next few years.

Application Software Developer

With the continued emphasis of platforms moving online in businesses and forever growing use of mobile usage, it’s easy to understand why software development is currently in high demand. It’s unlikely that online platforms are going to come to a holt anytime soon which makes sense as to why the job title is so high on the list. Annual salaries can average around $100,000. Those who get into the industry tend to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science but there are materials available for self-teaching if needed.

Medical Services Manager

As mentioned, the healthcare industry is one of the in-demand industries when it comes to filling job roles which is why 3 of the 5 positions in the list are related to the healthcare industry. A medical services manager typically oversees and coordinates the medical and health services for a particular department or facility. The growth of the role is expected to increase by around 20 percent in the next 5 years.


Another medical role on the list is the role of being a registered nurse. Your role would be extremely important considering the different aspects it entails. Not only will you be responsible for providing care for patients but you’d also have the importance of educating patients on any health conditions that they have and providing emotional support for them and their families as they go through a potentially tough time. In order to become a registered nurse, you’d tend to go through a form of degree or diploma. Alternatively, nursing courses and programs are also available to help you qualify as a registered nurse.

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Nursing Assistant

This can be a similar role to that of a registered nurse, except it comes with less of a responsibility compared to an actual nurse role. For this position, you’d be required to provide basic care for patients in a hospital environment or in a nursing home. In order to become a nursing assistant, you’d need to have completed a nursing program or course which qualifies you through an exam. The average annual salary of a nursing assistant is a more modest $27,000 compared to a registered nurse who could earn an average of $70,000.

Construction Labourer

Perhaps you prefer a more hands on approach? If you like the physical type of work then your efforts won’t be looked over if you’re looking to get into construction. The reason for its high demand is mainly down to the risks and injuries that can be involved with being a construction labourer. The benefit of becoming a construction laborer is down to experience as you don’t require any. Typically, in the role you can receive on the job training and a form of education isn’t required. The average salary for the role is around $34,500 annually.

Although these jobs are in-demand, it’s important to consider your current skill set and whether it’ll meet what’s required of these jobs. It may be appealing due to salary demands, but they’re also in demand roles for a reason. You may be lucky enough to have the required skills to fill the job that’s already in your region, whilst others may need to move elsewhere to satisfy their career needs. In which case, think about other aspects that are required, such as legal documents, transfer policies and tier 2 visa requirements. Regardless, with the right application there is the opportunity to fill roles that are more in-demand than ever.

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