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Living in Islamabad as an Expat

I am Hira, Pakistani, married to a Romanian expat and we met in Pakistan. I am writing this blog to tell about expat life from the eye of a local and expat.

They state you cry multiple times when you go to Pakistan, first when you hear you are being posted to on Pakistan and the second when your posting is over and you need to leave Pakistan.

Alright! So let me clarify the previous part “you cry when you hear you are being presented on Pakistan".

As Pakistan is among the underdeveloped nations so everything you can consider is the uneven streets, unhygienic nourishment, intestinal sickness, fear based oppression (what you hear from media) and the rundown goes on. One the contrary roads are adequate, nature is spotless rather you enjoy all the four seasons and Islamabad is much protected particularly for expats. Houses are spacious in Pakistan comparing with Europe. Expats get the accommodation in probably the most delightful territory in Islamabad, the mansions they are so lavish that you could never have a craving for leaving them.

Islamabad living conditions

Islamabad is so lovely and surrounded by Margalla hills. There is variety of food options in Islamabad yet you need to become accustomed to spicy food. My better half never had food contamination living there for right around 3 years however as per him, he has a bullet proof stomach hahaha! Truly, mangoes are the best in Pakistan and you can't avoid yourself from overeating.

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Pretty much every night we delighted in having gatherings from various countries national days and other get-togethers like an art gallery opening, seasonal festival, Oktoberfest and so on, so this is a cost cutting if you are expat in Pakistan, you never need to prepare supper hahaha! There is a small network of expats in Islamabad from various countries and you become more acquainted with about an alternate culture and meet individuals around the globe. I met individuals from Guyana, Cameroon, and Senegal in Islamabad and to be straightforward I never thought about these nations on the off chance that they existed. If you are expat in Islamabad do not forget to subscribe with Jenny’s List, it is for international community to get updates about upcoming events, buy/sell and etc. if you are coming to Islamabad with children do not worry there are international schools. Hospitals are great, a significant number of the expat's spouses deliver their infants instead of alone to their country just for delivery. There is a Foreign Women Association in Islamabad who is organizing monthly coffee mornings for expat’s spouse. For expats, Pakistan is a paradise of textures, carpets and crafted works. Expats appreciate playing golf and polo in Islamabad as it’s very cheap.

There are such huge numbers of spots to visit in Pakistan, the lovely heaps of northern regions, chronicled puts in Lahore and Taxila, salt mines in Khewra, the beach in Karachi and the rundown go on.

Islamabad itself has such a great amount to offer like we used to go for climbing and cycling, stroll with a wonderful view of Margalla hills and greenery around. Our home was very close to Margalla hills so consistently we were getting visitors in our garden, guess who?? The Monkeys!!! Gracious my god, that is so exciting to have monkeys in your very own garden.

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People of Pakistan are so warm-hearted, I am not saying this since I am Pakistani, this is the thing that the greater part of the foreigners state including my other half. My husband adored Pakistan so much that he took a bit of it (me) permanently hahaha!

Foreigners are being treated as VIPs and nearby individuals simply revere and regard them, they might want to snap a photo with them which gives the sentiment of being a VIP.

Finally, comes the later part “you cry when you need to leave this nation" in the wake of getting a charge out of all the previously mentioned endowments one could never have a craving for leaving this country. A large number of the expats state that they can never get such love, benefit and regard in some other country like in Pakistan. I saw them making a decent attempt to drag out their posting in Pakistan, so here comes the part when you need to say goodbye to the pleasant individuals and brilliant country with crushing sadness.

I challenge you to come to Pakistan and make the most of its neighborliness. When you remain in Pakistan everything you can consider its magnificence and friendliness, not of terrorism. Ideally, in the wake of perusing this you will cry just once.

So The Future Expats, Have an incredible remain in Pakistan. Come and spoil yourself.

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