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5 Best combinations of food and drinks from different countries you should try

If we start listing all the food items in the world today, how long would it take to reach the end of the list? Perhaps forever or maybe never. It would probably take more than an average human lifetime to try each food item in the world.

The mortality of human beings pulls back on human desires. And yet, the ability of humankind to preserve little moments as eternal memories inspire the urge to seize every second.

There are things that you have wanted to eat, people that you have wanted to meet and, places that you have wanted to greet. But, for now, you are still dreaming.

For once, let your dreams and desires overpower you. Flow in their direction and seize the day. Traverse across roads, rivers, cities, and countries. Feel the warmth of adventure take over your body. While travelling rejuvenates your spirit, let the walls of your mouth relish the flavours of food from different countries.

Each country offers exquisite flavors in food and drinks. When certain combinations of unique flavors touch the surface of the mouth, they embrace each other to complete each other. The surface of the tongue and lining of the mouth witness magic. Do you want to witness the magic?

Well, here is a list of 5 best combinations of food from different countries with drinks to try along-

Chole Bhature with Lassi- India

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If you ever find yourself in Delhi, well, you are in the ultimate foodie's paradise. Standing tall with big restaurants and cafes, India's real treasure lies in the street food. The streets are bustling with stalls and shops and, the stalls are bustling with authentic Indian food.

One such North Indian delight is chole bhature. Try the hot and spicy Chole and fluffy inflated bhature served with raw onions, pickles, and chutney. Be ready for a heavy meal that could last you for hours. Grab along a glass of chilled lassi/chaas for a complete encounter with the awesomeness of the dish. Besides, lassi also lends your digestive system ease in functioning after a heavy meal.

Pasta with White Wine- Italy

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You certainly have eaten different varieties of pasta several times in your life. However, if you leave Italy without trying the regional pasta, trust us when we say that you are committing a tremendous sin. Besides, don't we all love some saucy pasta on our palate as well as a plate?

Combine the pasta on your plate with a beautiful glass of white wine. The white wine would underline the creaminess of the pasta in your mouth to sink into your taste buds.

We assure you of a delectable and wholesome meal with a pair of white wine and pasta.

Shashlik with Vodka- Russia

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Initially originating from Central Asia, Shashlik is a dish widely popular in the Russian food culture.

Shashlik is made when marinated meat (lamb, pork, beef, and chicken) is grilled over the flames. The juicy texture of shashlik leaves you drooling for more with every consecutive bite.

This Russian variant of kebabs, when paired with vodka, is a match made in heaven. Shashlik leaves you licking your fingers to suck on the lingering taste. The vodka seeps down into the intestine to offer a satiating experience.

Besides, you cannot miss out on vodka when in Russia. Drinking vodka in Russia is a tradition and, tradition must be respected.

Chilaquiles with Tequila- Mexico

Often eaten as breakfast in Mexico, this dish offers a spicy yet amazing start to a sunny day.

The dish is corn tortillas cut out into triangles, fried and then softened and cooked with salsa. Served with the toppings of jalapenos, avocados, onions, cheese and cream, chilaquiles is the perfect combination of flavor, texture, and sauces.

Combine this perfection with Tequila and relish the heavenly combination.

Jerk Chicken with Rum Cocktail- Jamaica

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The sweet and spicy Jamaican jerk chicken delight fits in perfectly with the refreshing flavors of rum-based cocktail drinks. Rum based cocktail drinks like Bacardi Zombie offer a mix of Bacardi Rum and the fruity flavors of lime, orange, pineapple, and apricots that complement the smoky taste of jerked and marinated chicken. Best consumed in a chilled and icy state, the drink is deceptively light and fruity. It stands true to its reputation of being the most versatile spirit in this world.

The world bestows us with a rich variety of food and drinks. From lassi and tea to cocktail and beer, you can customize your pairs of food and drinks.

There are specific combinations of the two that leave an indelible impact.

A perfect combination can send a wave of excitement across the taste buds in your mouth. Let your subjective choices prevail and, explore these combinations to experience foodgasm.

It is time for your food fantasies to see the face of reality. Embark on a journey through cities and countries and try the food from different countries. Travel often and eat well.

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