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A New Expat Resource for Global Citizens Living Abroad

Making the decision to go abroad comes with a lot of doubts and many many questions. There is a lot of information you need to know and you are probably curious about, but how to find the answers? Most likely, you don’t know many people who live abroad or are having the experience you are aiming to. Therefore, you start using the web, but also there, you have too many details and websites to browse through.

Wouldn’t be handy to have one place where to go and get all kinds of practical, administration and more personal information? Luckily, there are websites like GoExpat, that can provide lots of information and inspiration for all the expats and those wanting to live the expat life.

Resources for Expatriates

Are you looking for expatriate resources? GoExpat provides expats with a lot of practical information about hospitals, country codes, embassy information, relocation companies and much more. So, if you are wondering how to find a hospital abroad or if you’re busy organizing the overseas move, here’s your chance to find exactly what you need. The expat blog will be providing topical articles and tips for expatriates that you will find quite interesting.

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Health Coverage for Expats

Next to the general tips about health care abroad, GoExpat can also find information on how to maintain mental health while living or studying in other countries. Furthermore, you can have a better understanding of the reasons why you should have international health insurance and what are the best options for you based on your desired expat destination and needs.

Destinations & Living Abroad

Either you already know where to go or you are still wondering, changing the mind from one destination to the other. With GoExpat, you can find all the most important information divided per expat destination. For example, discover what to do in Asia, Europe, Carribean and so much more. What about all these destinations? Read further about the cost of living, taxes for expats or, for example, studying abroad.

GoExpat is very proud to create one virtual place where people can find everything they need before and after making the adventurous decision to go and live in another country. Life is short, so GoExpat today!

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