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Europe Language Jobs’ fourth round of the 30-days to get a job challenge!

Tthe fourth edition of the 30 Days To Get A Job: The Challenge, hosted by Europe Language Jobs’, has started. Each year the event takes place during the month of October to help you improve your employability through CV & Cover Letter writing tips, organisational advice, Social Media screening tips, application preparation, how and why you should network and finally, interview and post-application advice. This year, the event has been divided into four weeks with four essential topics:

Week 1 - Determining your career path

During the first week, you are told to begin your self-reflection period and discover your capabilities by considering alternative career paths and opportunities, such as working abroad.

Week 2 - Preparation Is Key

This week is centred around preparing for your Job Search process, providing you with tools to stay organised, key ways to optimise your CV; including country-specific CV advice, social media preparation and more.

Week 3 - Get The Ball Rolling

The third week is all about addressing the application process, helping you to stand out from the crowd with your cover letters, sharing the benefits of networking and where you should network, and finally, helping you to decide what size company is right for you.

Week 4 - Seal The Deal

Finally, week 4 covers all of the interview tips and post-application advice that you could ask for, from tackling difficult interview questions, mastering group and skype interviews, to how to politely contact companies after the interview, including advice on how to respond to job offers.

30 Days To Get A Job

The Challenge has been created to help you to find a job and to also encourage you to consider opportunities outside of your country. In this competitive job market, the demand for multilingual candidates is constantly increasing and it’s important for you to know how much more employable you will become through learning an additional language. Even for monolingual candidates, Europe Language Jobs advertises thousands of opportunities across Europe in a range of languages. All in all, the 30 Days To Get A Job: The Challenge is made with the intention of helping, preparing and encouraging you to dive into your job search, whether it’s abroad or in your own country.

The number of participants has increased significantly each year, last year Europe Language Jobs’ had over 12000 candidates and this year, they already have over 19000 job seekers involved. This year they have made the challenge more interactive by incorporating daily tasks for our challenge participants to complete. The tasks can range from learning a completely new skill to answering interview questions, and even writing a letter to your future selves. The challenge has had some extremely positive feedback so far and lots of engagement on the Europe Language Jobs website and through social media. They expect this will continue throughout the month of October.

It just gets better - as a prize, Europe Language Jobs’ is offering a 2-week language course abroad with ESL Language School to one lucky participant of The Challenge. The candidates who complete The Challenge and mark their progress on their interactive calendar will be entered into a prize draw. The winner will then fly to either Manchester or Berlin on an all-expenses-paid language course. It’s not too late to join! As long as you read the blogs, complete the tasks and mark your progress, you can still be entered into the prize draw until the end of October. The challenge is free to join, extremely informative and makes your overall job search process more fun than usual - get involved today!

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