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7 Must-See Tourist Attractions in New South Wales

New South Wales is the oldest state in Australia. It is well known for its beautiful beaches and treasures. If you are looking for a place to experience historical tourism, ecotourism and many other forms of tourism, this is the place to be. This state is surrounded by snowy mountains and rain forests which add to its attractiveness. The following are the tourist places in New South Wales.

1. Sydney, the Capital City of New South Wales

To start with, the state has a beautiful capital city called Sydney which has the great Sydney Opera House. This city has top-class restaurants and hotels, galleries and historical buildings. There are also a lot of activities you can do while at this city such as visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens, climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, surfing at Bondi Beach, and shopping at the large shops and boutiques.

2.The Blue Mountains

This is a must-see for nature lovers. It is one of the state’s favourite tourist destinations. The name ‘Blue Mountains’ comes from the reflection from the eucalyptus trees in the forest. These mountains have waterfalls like the Wentworth Falls, beautiful rocks, and beautiful sites for the lovers of photography. The rock formation here makes it ideal for rock climbing.

3. The Hunter Valley

This valley is about a two-hour drive north of Sydney. It is famous for grape farming. Most people who visit the Hunter Valley come here for the fresh farm produce. This valley stretches with large bushland which gives it a picturesque view.

4. National Parks

To the north of Sydney is the Barrington Tops National Park and Wollemi National Park, both of which are good for hiking and watching a variety of wildlife. Not only is the Wollemi Park the largest national park in New South Wales, but it is also known for the famous Wollemi Pine. There are high-class accommodations available around the parks, including tree accommodations, cabins and resorts.

5. Port Stephens

This is a large and beautiful blue water bay surrounded by two volcanic capes. For the lovers of water sports such as surfing, swimming, kayaking and boating, this is the best place to visit. Whales and dolphins are also found at this bay often.

6. The Kangaroo Valley

The Kangaroo Valley lies to the south of Sydney in the Shoal Haven Region. Nature and kangaroos are the highlights at this valley. The valley has magnificent green escarpments and pastures. The historic Hampden Bridge separates the Kangaroo River, and it is the only remaining wooden suspension bridge in Australia. Other things to enjoy here are horseback riding and golfing. The Pioneer Village Museum is also found at this valley, and you will get a chance to explore the local history here.

7. Byron Bay

This is the Australian’s icon at the centre of Sydney which still tells much about the culture and history of the locals. It is a place to go for a family vacation or a friends’ tour. This small town has boutiques and ships suitable for shopping. You can also visit Australia’s most popular lighthouse. It is also a great place for NSW sightseeing.


There are many NSW tourist attractions. From nature, wildlife, photography, water sports to shopping, you will get an excellent experience in the area. This is a place to make memories with your family and friends with the many interesting places to visit. Managing your stay at New South Wales is also made easier by a variety of affordable accommodation facilities found around. Most people like to stay in hotels and apartments, but if you like adventure, treehouse accommodation in NSW is another choice.

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