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The reason why your plane might not be on time

Air travel has not only opened new borders for our Generation, but it has also given us the freedom to explore the world as wanted. The process only requires a smartphone, internet and a credit card to start planning time abroad. Air travel has also become so common that we sometimes don’t realize the logistical masterpiece needed to make it work! We thought we could maybe stop for a second and consider the figures

2.7 million passengers in the sky in a day

On the busiest day of aviation, which ironically for the superstitious took place on a Friday the 13th, the equivalent of 36 Olympic Stadium flew over our heads. This day, 19,000 aircraft covered a distance equaling to flying back and forth to the moon 3,967 times.

Considering that the first commercial flight, which took place 70 years ago carried 37 passengers from London to Johannesburg in not less than 23 hours and that it had to stop 5 times to renew the crew, it is reasonable to say that the current situation is quite incredible.

But there’s more to it. Every second, 8,000 check-ins are carried out and as many suitcases are being taken in charge by the airport staff simultaneously. On the less joyful part, each year, 20,000 suitcases go missing and the range of items which are found inside range from chainsaws to ocular prostheses or even bags of onions.

Travelling with patience and intelligence

As every experienced traveller knows, not everything always goes as well as wished once getting at the airport. Tourists in the UK, for example, waited the equivalent of 5,586 years for their flights last year, flight delays not included, which can be frustrating. But, considering the figures and how marvellous having the chance of flying around the world already is, one might want to be patient next time flying.

If patience isn’t your biggest strength, you might maybe want to take an audiobook with you, download some interesting podcasts like TED’s Talks to learn something new during your journey, or find some movies you’ve always wanted to watch and download them as you’re connected to the Wi-Fi. You could also use this time to do some meditation or train at the gym – some airports like Amsterdam’s are now equipped with fitness centres you can visit!

The time you are waiting at the airport will never be given back, so why not try to make the best out of it?

For more insights and ideas on how to save time at the airport, you can also check out this infographic on our World’s current Travel Madness:

More about travelling at Horizn Studios.

Infographic uses current travel data to visualise what is going on at airports and in tourism in the space of one year.

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