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Does the cost o living always match with the quality of life?

Let’s say that in a perfect world everybody is free to choose the best country and start a new life there. How you would choose it? What is the first information you would like to have?

I did some researches about the cost of living and quality of life, and you might be surprised by the result!

Following the data from “World data info” , Bermuda is at the top of the list for the cost of living but it gets the 27th place for quality of life.

In some cases, the less expensive countries are, actually, the best place to live, but is it all about money?! I am not sure.

Let’s have a quick look together at the first 30 Countries for the cost of living (on the left) and quality of life (on the right):


Those lists take into account, especially, the monthly income (that has not to be confused with a wage or salary) and it is calculated from the gross national income per capita, the stability, civil rights, health and medical services, security, climate, costs and popularity.

I’d add to the list the word opportunities, I believe that, one of the reasons that make us feel good as expats in a new country is the possibility to choose, have alternatives and be valued for our job. What do you think? What did you take into account choosing your new country/city and why?

You can have a better view of the data per quality of life and cost of living. Also, have a look at our article about the safest cities in the world.

Looking forward to hear your stories and happy reading to everyone!

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