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8 Easy Steps on How to Earn While Traveling Overseas

If you desire to travel overseas but aren't wealthy, you will need to earn a living while you travel. Today, with the internet and co-working spaces, we have a global village in our hands. The trick is to be extremely well prepared. The following are some ideas on how to be in the right place at the right time to get work to fund your travel.

Know the Proper Format for a Resume or Cover Letter

In your target country, they will likely have a different format for resumes and cover letters. You will find the information online.

Find Out Which Careers Are Hot

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According to Jamie Costello in The Expat Magazine, healthcare careers are in demand in many countries. These tend to be very stable employment because they are government jobs in most industrialized countries. In many countries, the population is aging and has a greater need for healthcare services. Also, software development is in high demand, as is construction work.

Consider Language Issues

If you are traveling to a non-English speaking country, you will need to begin learning the language. This is true, even if you will be working online. These days, it is easy to find language tutors online. The big caveat is to choose someone who is a qualified teacher, not just someone whose sole qualification is that they speak the language. A qualified teacher will use research-based methods to help you improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. A free Skype connection and Google Docs provide you both audio, video and a whiteboard. You and your student can write on your whiteboard at the same time.

Research Your Job Market

If you are not self-employed, you will need to do some research into the job market in your target area. Your best resources are Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn because they have great search filters that allow you to look for work in your target country that does not require knowledge of the language, if that is your situation.

Digital Nomad

If you prefer to be self-employed or are already, you can take your work with you on the road. You will need to ensure that you have a good internet connection. It is likely that your current cell phone carrier will not work in your target country.

Software developers, teachers, writers and others can work remotely. Also, you can search online for companies that hire remote workers. This author suggests you steer clear of the normal recommendations of Upwork, Fiverr or the companies that have you evaluate search engine results or websites. The problem with most of these options is that, unless you have some really unique skills that are in high demand in the marketplace, you will find there is a lot of competition and the pay is often very low – often below minimum wage. It is far better to get your own clients and charge higher prices for quality work.

Consider Your Documentation

You will have to obtain authorization to work in the overseas location. Different countries have different requirements for work permit authorization for foreign nationals. Sometimes, your occupation can be your ticket to getting a work permit. For example, in Japan, there is such a great need for nursing assistants that they have an expedited work permit process for those types of employees.

Practice Interviewing

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If you have a language tutor, it is best to practice your interview skills with them. It is a good idea to practice interview with a language tutor, even when you are highly fluent in the target language. The reason is that there are cultural differences you will need to be aware of. For example, this author coaches her Japanese nationals to not bring up alcohol consumption in an interview in the U.S. because it is mostly taboo to discuss alcohol consumption in the workplace here. In Japan, the issue is not only not taboo, but there is almost a custom of some employees getting inebriated at holiday gatherings and telling their boss things they would not normally. Your language tutor will catch these cultural faux pas and taboos, so you don't lose out on a great opportunity.

Consider Where You’ll Live

In some countries, you may have to already be living there before anyone will consider hiring you. In other countries, like Canada, you might be able to live in an RV rental in Calgary, for example, for a while until you find the best place to settle down. Also, many places in the world are beginning to create co-living spaces. Fortunately, all of the information you need about housing accommodations is online today.

You can indeed make money while traveling overseas, but you need to plan carefully in advance and not be naive.

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