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Where to buy a house in Portugal?

Portugal is a common expat destination in Europe, maybe the most common, thanks to the nice weather and also the convenient tax laws. The tax law is one of the reasons why the property market is continuosly growing since few years and prices remain affordable.

At the top of the ranking, following the research conducted by Imovirtual, we find Amadora (Lisbon) with an average rental cost of 1,037euro = 77,16euro per square meter and a rental yield (rental income) of 7.44%. It is amazing, isn't it?

How does the rest of the list look like?

Here the first 10 good places where to buy, considering the rental yield:

Amadora - Lisbon - 7.44%

Sintra - Lisbon - 7,18%

Vila Nova de Gaia - Porto - 7%

Gondomar - Porto - 6.8%

Seixal - Setùbal - 6.77%

Matosinhos - Porto - 6.75%

Braga - Braga - 6.71%

Setùbal - Setùbal - 6.68%

Maia - Porto - 6.42%

Almada -Setùbal - 6.26%


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Taking a look at the all 24 municipalities, we immediately realize how important is Porto in this list. It is, indeed, considered the best municipality! So what are you waiting for? Let's buy a house in Portugal to enjoy the beautiful Atlantic Ocean Coast, the Torre di Belém, visit Sintra (Unesco site) and its Palaciio Nacional and much more!

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