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Tips to stay fit and healthy while working and living overseas

Expat life is an opportunities to explore new adventures and culture, but it also comes with its risks. Apart from threats such as political insecurity and terrorism, expats also face the health and fitness challenge. The first challenge is the change in diet as you have to learn the local foods. Most people living abroad get into the mistake of settling for unhealthy fast foods that may affect their ability to keep fit& healthy. Every country has its health risks that you have to stay away from especially for those in third world countries. Below are some tips on how you can maintain your well-being as an expat.

Try Free Fitness Activities

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One doesn’t have to join expensive gyms to keep fit and healthy especially if you have moved to a country with an expensive lifestyle, there are a lot of ways to keep fit without burning a hole in your wallet. All countries have public parks or recreation areas where you can have your fitness activities such as jogging. Another cheaper way to stay healthy is by using a bike as your means of transport. You can also ride your bike around the neighbourhood during your free time if your home to work distance requires you to commute. Cycling, just like running serves as a superb source of exercise.

Drink Plenty of Water

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Going to new country results in a change in temperature and altitude, which may, in turn, change the amount of water that you need in your body. Your body needs to be hydrated to keep healthy, but the amount of water needed may depend on the environment. If you are not sure of the amount of water, you need to drink each day, listen to your body and always drink water whenever you feel thirsty. You can also use the two litres daily rule.

Make new Friends

Moving to another country creates the opportunity of meeting new people and making new friends. There are a lot of online groups where you can meet like minded people who will help you walk the journey. You can join the online keep fit clubs and groups and engage in their walking or running activities. You can also try sports such as football and volleyball or try new hobbies that will keep your weight in checks, such as a weight loss camp or dancing.

Get a Health Insurance Policy

Every country has its different insurance policy packages that may differ from what is offered in your home country. You should first compare health insurance policies from various providers before you settle with the best one for you. Check the policy’s terms to identify the conditions covered, especially if you have any pre-existing condition. All in all, an expensive insurance policy is not necessary if you in good health and you keep yourself fit and healthy.

Practice Healthy Eating

One common mistake that people make is to spend so much time exercising, yet they take high-calorie foods every day. You may require sometime before learning the local foods and settling on the healthy ones among them, but you can avoid the delicious and sugary pastries or fast foods. Also, keep in mind that alcohol is high in calories, so restrain from a drinking habit even if alcohol is cheaper in the host country.

Have Enough Sleep

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Having the recommended eight hour a day sleep may be a challenge for expats due to the time taken by the activities of frequent travelling, but you can try keeping a regular sleep pattern. Sleeping time is the body repair time and a night of good sleep at night is a source of new energy in the morning. One of the risks of inadequate sleep is a weak immune system, which will, in turn, leave you vulnerable to illnesses. Avoid stress through relaxation techniques since stress is a significant contributor to sleepless nights.

Take Necessary Health Precautions

The weather and climate in the new country are mostly different from what you are used to. Some countries also have high levels of air pollution, meaning you have to use a face musk when walking around. You can also buy an air purifier for your new home to avoid pollutants such as dust and disease-causing bacteria in the air. Most countries have a health information page that will inform you about the health risks that you are more likely to face in the new country and the available prevention methods.

Carry the Necessary Medication

It is advisable to carry your medications because finding the right medication in the new country can be a hassle. You also need time to settle and make friends rather than finding a hospital. Having enough medication that can last months will give you enough time to settle and find a replacement with no hurry. Make sure that you keep the medication’s details or the doctor’s notes to enable the local doctors to identify the medicine quickly.

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