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How to send money abroad during COVID-19 time

One of the conditions of an expat is to deal with some difficulties in sending or receiving money to or from their home Country. Nowadays, with the spread of the coronavirus, the needs to do so is probably increasing and becoming more and more challenging.

Thanks to websites like Finder we can have an easier life in, at least, understanding better where to focus our attention, in this specific period, but also in general when we have to send money internationally.

Since Countries are mainly in quarantine and some banks and Transfer Money Offices are closed everywhere, we need to do it online. Also, keep in mind, that right now Customer Service Departments are super busy and it might be difficult to get help on time if you do a mistake and need to actually talk to someone instead of answering to automatic messages from the “live chats” of the web site.

One of the first thing we must take into account and check before sending money is the exchange rate. You might know it changes often. Beside that, check the fees of the website, bank system or any other app, they charge you to transfer your money, you need to be sure the person on the other side will receive almost the 100% of the amount you are using. (almost because there are always some fees to pay).

It might be the case also that you have to send money for an emergency. No worries, many online money transfer service offers the quick delivery (up to few minutes), again, check the fees for the service and also make sure how that money can be picked up. Some services, for example, need your recipient to take it in person, so if the Country is in quarantine or there are other reasons that make it impossible, you are only wasting time.

some questions on the cheapest way to send money

Fair question is: do we have other ways to send money besides bank account and money transfer service? Luckily the answer is YES!

The International digital banking is one of the solutions. It can take some time to create an account but at the end, it reduces the costs to send money abroad. E-wallets are a great solution, such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Coinbase or Venmo. With those you can avoid any kind of interaction between people and there is no physical money to touch (although there are no confirmation that touching money increase the exposure to covid-19). The third solution is Criptocurrency . We suggest it if you and your recipient are really good computer wise.

Take a better look and be more awar of how we do things, this is always positive and make our lives easier even during a tough time like now.

We must thanks Zak Killerman and Madeleine Gracie for the tips and for sharing with us their knownledge and experience

Be safe, be aware, be smart and take care

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