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How to Grow Professionally While in Quarantine

Is it at all possible to think outside of anything, even a box, while stuck inside? While the situation is far from ideal, there are ways to advance while seemingly staying still, and most of all, safe and healthy inside your own home. As if living as an expat in a foreign country and adapting to a completely new culture is not challenging enough, the ongoing crisis is certainly making things much more complicated.

With a few tips up your sleeve, you can actually be more productive during the lockdown, expand your professional horizons, and brace yourself for the changing job market. Some of the skills you can develop today can help you land the dream job tomorrow, or they can be the foundation of kick-starting your own entrepreneurial endeavors. Here are a few ideas to help you grow professionally while in quarantine!

Take up a marketing course

One of the most versatile fields that is necessary for every possible industry is marketing. No matter if you plan to teach online as an expat moving from one country to another, or you have your heart set on a position with a global business – marketing will always be a prerequisite to business success. Even if your role doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with marketing, you can use the skills and knowledge to support your career. Graphic designers that know market changes and trends can provide more relevant design options to their clients, for example.

In that sense, improving your marketing knowledge is a great advantage for your career after the quarantine, and luckily, you can keep learning online. Learn about the most commonly used and recognized marketing methods, and add another impressive skillset to your CV.

Expand your skills in financial management

For expat entrepreneurs, improving your business-managing skills is always a must if you want your brand to advance and stay ahead of the curve. As one of the most vital sectors, finances require constant learning and innovation to make sure that you can cut unnecessary expenses, keep your team happy, and invest your resources properly. One of the more recent trends includes payroll automation and the use of a personalized payroll card program for employees, which is especially beneficial in the current situation.

Mastering this particular transformation in your own business can help you keep your operations fully digital and ensure your employees have access to their salaries without long lines at the bank. It simplifies any international transactions, too, making your accounting much more streamlined and easier to manage. Perhaps this is the right moment to make the switch and greet the post-quarantine months with an even more refined financial strategy.

Master the use of digital tools

As an expat, you already know what it means to deal with a language barrier and culture shock. If you translate the notions into your work environment, the same happens when you need to apply your education and skills with the help of tools you have no experience with, making your job all the more difficult. To keep up with the times and make sure you can expand how you apply your knowledge, you should learn how to use a range of different digital tools.

For example, if you’re determined to try your hand at marketing, learn about Google Analytics and similar tools to understand trends and user behavior. If you’re in sales, CRM systems such as HubSpot are priceless, while being a project manager means you should know your way around Asana and similar PM tools. The more you know, the more valuable you become to potential employers.

Look for workshops and online classes

The IT sector is certainly experiencing rapid growth, and it will remain on the same upward trajectory after the crisis is long over. No matter your current position or set of skills, dipping into the world of tech will have numerous advantages, from expanding your job hunt possibilities, to letting you use your new knowledge to advance in your current field of work.

A company by the name of Unity, famous in the world of game development, now offers free access to their learning platform for three months. This is a great chance to learn about programming with C#, especially if you have an interest in gaming.

The health crisis will dwindle, hopefully soon, and you have the opportunity to go back to your normal pace of life richer by a few skills and invaluable knowledge. With access to many online databases, courses, workshops, and so much information at your fingertips, you can start adding more substance to the time you spent inside, and grow your career in the right direction.

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