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The Most Affordable Countries to Live

Who was thinking to move abroad before the lockdown? And who is still thinking that? Of course, the situation may be changed and there might be much more things to consider, but if you want to move abroad it is still possible.

We want to help you by sharing the OceanFinance's research to understand what are the most affordable countries to live and who knows, you may find the place you were looking for.

Ocean Finance has investigated 11 typical expenses by using data from Espastistan, Finder and Numbero. Among these expenses you can find things such as rent bills, a supermarket shop or an after-work pint. All of this across all 49 European countries.

Top 10 cheapest European countries

Rent and bills

This research reveals that the cheapest country to relocate to is North Macedonia counting a cost of just £8,484 for a year. You can buy a pint for as little as £1.49 and enjoy lunch for £5.85, whilst a full year’s rent is expected to cost just £2,496 for a standard 2-bedroom apartment.

Top 10 cheapest European countries


Another very interesting aspect they tackled is the list of top 10 cheapest European countries for socialising. What does this mean? These are costs more related to the social life, whatever it is going out for a cup of coffee or a pint, lunch away, cinema tickests, a restaurant meal or cocktail. They also covered the price of a night out for two.

Socialising country costs

What are the cheapest property prices in Europe?

Maybe you don't want to move just for a little while, but you have more permant plans which might make you consider buying a property. The research, here again, reveals that Eastern European countries are the most affordable areas, with the cheapest being Moldava with an average of £43,000 for a 2-bedroom flat. Here following a bit more data.

  1. Moldova - £43,000
  2. Georgia - £45,000

3-4. Kazakhstan and Turkey - £46,000 (joint)

  1. North Macedonia - £50,5445
  2. Ukraine - £51,000
  3. Bulgaria - £55,000
  4. Azerbaijan - £57,000
  5. Russia - £58,000
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina - £63,000

Of course, this data is not the only information you need before making the step to move abroad, there are a lot of things to consider, such as personal and professional aspects, future perspectives and so on. Also, we do think for sure that this research is quite a good starting point when considering your destination. It will definely help you!

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