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First Trip After Lockdown

These past months have been quite intense and scary. As of today, the coronavirus is a bit under control in some countries, while others are still fighting a harsh battle. We all live in uncertainty, we don’t know if and when we will be back to our normal life. So no, coronavirus is not gone and we still have to live with it and face it.

Thankfully, there are some places where it is a bit under control and therefore we are allowed to do some more activities which give us the feel of having our life back. Things like going to the park for a walk or having a drink at your favourite cafè during the lockdown were not allowed and, I think, that was also the moment when we realised how important is to value and be grateful for every single thing we have in life, even the small ones that we never think about.

Among all of these things, travelling was also banned for obvious reasons, but since June it is possible to travel again in some parts of the world. And when you do start travelling after what happened, how does that feel? I want to share 3 main thoughtsout of my experience. I’m also very curious to know what your experience looks like.

Be ready for emotions

Even if you’re leaving just for a long weekend and you are not goingthatfar, the idea of going on holidays and packing your stuff can make you become very emotional. Not sure about you, but when I had to pack my stuff I had the feeling I didn’t do it for years, I was not even sure what I had to bring - ok, I live in Holland, which weather wise, doesn’t really help. Aside from the practical side of this experience, I felt like a child going on a school trip for the first time. Of course, I could not ignore a bit of anxiety and concern for the trip itself, it’s not that easy to step in a train or plane like nothing happened. We are all very cautious and we still have to. But the pleasure of doing something nice which feels out of the ordinary - yes, that feeling now, quite different from the past - and that gives so much joy was also surprisingly great!

Respect and follow the procedures

As already mentioned, we can now travel in some parts of the world, but this doesn’t mean coronavirus is over. Now that the situation calmed down a little bit, we need to be more cautious than ever. Don’t forget that! If we want to enjoy these beautiful moments and go back to a kind of normal life then we have to follow the procedures, which can be different from country to country, so be careful and prepared before leaving. Do your own research and find out what you need to do before & during the trip. Also, the situation is not very stable yet and this means that these rules may change from one day to another. Therefore, you don’t want to miss any local updates. You want to travel safe and keep the others around you safe as well.

Enjoy these moments

We’ve experienced quite a difficult time and we can’t deny it: fear is still there. If there’s one lesson we all have learned from this period is to give the right value to what we have and to our emotions. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we do know that today we are grateful for certain things and we must not forget that. So, if you are ready to go on a trip and feel excited about it, just take a moment and fully enjoy these emotions!

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