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The 15 Most Bikeable Cities: the transportation of the future

Since ever one of the focuses of the entire world was, and still is, transportation. Technology had to answer to the question of how to make it faster to go from A to B at first, and then when A and B were located always more distant from each other, the question became how we can cover that distance in a even faster way. We are used to think that the transportation of the future would be similar to a U.F.O. , that may be able to fly and the problem of traffic will be definitely gone. We don’t know if this is going to happen, what we know is that since long time many cities haven’t forget about bikes and how them can actually be used more and more to solve, or help, also the pollution problem.

Covid-19 pandemic has probably also speed up the process of becoming bike-friendly for some Countries or Cities that weren’t yet there.

Here are the 15 most bikeable Cities in the world:

1 - Vienna -Austria

2 - Amsterdam – The Netherlands

3 - Paris – France

4 -Brussel – Belgium

5 - Copenhagen – Denmark

6 - Lisbon – Portugal

7 - New York -US

8 - Prague – Czech Republic

9 - Berlin – Germany

10 - London -UK

11 - Budapest – Hungary

12 - Stockholm – Sweden

13 - Seoul – South Korea

14 - Tokyo – Japan

15- Rome – Italy

How is this calculated?

The ranking is based on 6 factors such as bicycle rental stations, traffic index, road quality score, cycle routes, mapped cycleways (KM) and crime source. Also the study was conducted on 28 cities in the world.

If you are asking yourself why so many cities are actually in Europe, we can answer that it can be, partly, because of the project of The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) to promote cycling as the best and healthy way to move around. The project is mainly in the Old Continent but the challenge is to get to the others too.

Going back to the top of our list, we have Vienna with the highest number of mapped cycling routes – 22,268 (2,119,676 km), in Amsterdam the 80% of residents own at least one bike. Paris has the second-highest number of bicycle rental stations, with a total of 1,370 dotted around the French capital.

Cycling is health, fun, easy and sustainable.

There's no need to explain how sport or physical movement improves health and also mentally, cycling is a good cure for stress and anxiety, as well as obesity, cardiovascular issues and heart attack. So while you do something good for yourself, you also are sustainable and your cycling fits perfectly with a routine, for example if you need to go to a shop in the city centre or to meet a friend a few km away from you.

We can definitely say that, whatever the modern age is bringing to us, we like to keep in our journey the two wheels from 1817.

Gadget needed?

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