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A life in Andorra: how is life in the Pyrenean Country

Perks and top things you need to know before moving.

As many of you might already know, Andorra is a small country in Europe stuck in the Pyrenean mountains between France and Spain. The country is opening up to the rest of the world both virtually and also, and more importantly, in its ability to welcome expats with their businesses and personal and professional lives.

We want to spend some time introducing a few important facts about the country first and then invite you to see by yourself!

The country has 468 sq/km (only). As a matter of fact, it is the sixth smallest state of Europe. Population doesn't exceed 80.000 people. This Principality has its own Constitution since 1992 which regulates the legal and political national space as a parliamentary democracy. It is institutionally supported by the French President and the bishop of La Seu d'Urgell as a Co-Principality. The official language is Catalan (Andorran) but the use of Spanish, French and even English or Portuguese is quite common due to the influence of the surrounding countries. Barcelona or Toulouse are 2-3 hours away by car.

Andorra's motto "Virtus Unita Fortior" present in the coat of arms means that unity makes us stronger. The country is divided into 7 “parròquies”, equivalent to Municipalities, being the Capital, Andorra-la-Vella, one of them.

The average height is more than 1990 meters, so we really live in the mountains! :) Temperatures range from negative in winter (min of -4ºC) to above than 25ºC during summer. Snow is a very common during winter season. Andorra during winter is one thing and during summer is another thing. The landscapes change completely, life rhythm is different and the country looks different too.

Now let’s talk about the real lifestyle in Andorra.

Life in Andorra combines both nature and adventure experiences with the benefits of a big city life when wanted. The city-center offers many cultural and entertainment activities all year round as well as amazing gastronomy, as any vibrant European capital. In addition to this, Andorra stands in the middle of the mountains showing spectacular landscapes that any adventure and nature lover can enjoy during summer and winter. Apart from the capital, people live in smaller villages throughout the territory.

As you can imagine skiing is yet another sport you can practice in Andorra ;) Ski resorts (one of them being the largest in the Pyreneans) work to give the best snow conditions for skiing or practicing any other snow related activity.

Apart from skiing during winter season, you can enjoy the slopes during summer on your bike, hiking, trekking, running or motorcycling. Actually, Andorra is well-known by professional cyclists and MTB sport professionals.

We know many of you are thinking right now: what about work and taxes?

Well you should know this: Andorra offers a competitive tax legal framework and the banking system is solid and transparent. Also, you will be able to work from anywhere. There is an excellent high-speed fiber internet connection in all the territory, and Wi-Fi is available everywhere. Whether you bring your company or establish yourself as a freelance you will pay maximum 10% tax on your income.

Now before we go, just last few facts about Andorra (fun facts):

- Country code is +376 and phone numbers have only 6 digits

- Andorran car plates start with a letter and only 4 digits after

- Drinks are cheap (like veeery cheap, for those interested) –

- Wearing a mask is mandatory at the moment (for everyone's safety).

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