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Live And Work From Anywhere In The World Online

For all of the joys that moving abroad brings, there are a few surefire headaches that expats are all too familiar with. One of the worst is job searching in a new country. Language barriers, bounced qualifications and uncertainty are just a few hurdles. Some people will let their career be the compass pointing them to a new country, but there’s another avenue as well: work from anywhere in the worldonline.

Whether you’re looking at your first move abroad or you’re a seasoned country-hopper, just about anyone can discover freedom in the possibility to work from anywhere in the world online.

3 Reasons Why Living Abroad And Online Business Are The Perfect Marriage

1. Bring your business from country to country

There’s a moment that most people who have moved abroad have probably felt before: you open LinkedIn or Indeed and do your first job search for your new potential home. Did anything pop up? And do you like the listings?

Job searching (and many limitations) can become a thing of the past with the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world online.

This touches on the biggest appeal of starting an online business as a country-hopper: permanence. Unlike many other parts of our lives abroad, your online business won’t be left behind, and bonus: it also requires no packing!

2. Set the currency instead of being restricted by it

When you work from anywhere in the world online, you can set the currency to appear in a user’s set currency. Meaning: if you are living in a country with lower wages than you are used to, you can still make the currency back home.

Now, this isn’t always a win, given that some countries will have a higher cost of living or stronger currency than your location. However, this is generally a big opportunity for people who work from anywhere in the world online.

3. Online tools have your back

Outsourcing, automation and virtual meetings are your friends: not only will they help with the obvious “work smarter not harder,” quip, but you’ll be able to overcome the inconveniences of being in different countries from your clients or customers.

This is particularly true of the post-pandemic world: aversions to hiring fully-remote help were obliterated in 2020. Opportunities are plentiful for people offering services online.

The benefit of finding clients or customers anywhere pairs beautifully with the ability to overcome time zone differences. Automate your social media posts around when your audience is awake, or schedule your business emails to send at 8:32 am your client’s time zone (one of my favorite tricks that’ll make them forget that you’re halfway across the globe).

In the long-run, use these same tools to run parts of your business on autopilot. The internet is your friend - milk it!

8 Examples Of Jobs That Allow You To Work From Anywhere In The World Online

You can read interviews with women who do each of these jobs on my blog: Remote Work Success Stories.

1. Social media management

Social media management, or SMM, is a service that almost every organization fills or outsources. It’s perfect for social-savvy expat, and you can actually use your personal social following to help you get clients.

If this peaks your interest, start sharing high-value content and building up your social following today so you can use it as a portfolio piece.

2. Virtual assistance

Working as a virtual assistant, or a VA, is a great choice for people who are very organized and enjoy efficiency.

A VA generally works for a handful of other entrepreneurs, assisting with inbox management, social media scheduling, editing, etc. VAs can be specialized per niche or stay generalized.

3. Paid content creation and brand collaborations

Yes, the “i” word -influencing. Influencing is a long-term income plan because you first must have an audience built up, either on a blog, Instagram, TikTok, etc. It’s not an opportunity to make money overnight, but you can make a lot of money with brand collaborations.

The industry of influencer marketing is on track to be worth up to $15 billion by next year. (source). Anyone who wants to get a slice of that 15 billion can start building up their audience online today and start pitching to brands or join an influencer platform.

4. Teaching English as a second language

Teaching English is probably the most common path for people who want to work from anywhere in the world online. There are dozens of different companies, and many are constantly hiring.

It’s popular for these companies to offer handsome referral bonuses (who hasn’t had a friend try to get you to join VIPKid?), so if you enjoy your experience you can add an additional revenue stream of helping recruit other people to the company.

5. Freelance writing

You don’t need to be a groundbreaking writer to make money freelancing. Learn to write quickly, check for typos and pitch often to online magazines, other entrepreneurs, etc.

A great way to get started as a freelance writer is to offer a free blog post in exchange for a testimonial or recommendation on LinkedIn. This was how I got my start as a freelance writer, and I now offer writers the same opportunity to write on my website.

6. Pinterest management

Yes, you can turn your love for pinning into a vehicle to work from anywhere in the world online! Pinning recipes and baby shower gift ideas is not the same as becoming a Pinterest manager, or sometimes referred to as a PVA (Pinterest virtual assistant), but loving the platform is step 1.

This is a great path for bloggers who are building up their blogging revenue: most bloggers are already on Pinterest using the platform for themselves, and can use their account as a portfolio piece to show clients.

Pinterest management is one of the streams of income for my online business. If you’re curious about being a Pinterest manager, you can read some Pinterest tips on my website to start understanding how Pinterest works for business.

7. Online education

If education appeals to you but you don’t necessarily want to teach English, you can tackle any other subject with online education. On platforms like Skillshare and Outschool, you can create a class on any subject and people on the platform can sign up, making you money.

If you already have your own audience via a blog or social following, you can cut out the middleman and sell your courses to them directly.

8. Coaching

Not unlike online education, coaching is another way to monetize your existing knowledge base.

Common expertises to offer through coaching revolve around all things online business: search engine optimization, copywriting, sales page development, Pinterest for business, etc. Coaching is usually done in a 1-on-1 setting or small group.

What do you people ask you for help with? This could lead you to an obvious coaching opportunity.

3 Steps To Take To Work From Anywhere In The World Online

Does this post have you nodding your head as you read along? Are the daydreams swirling?Never quit your daydream. Let’s talk about what to do next if you’d like towork from anywhere in the world online.

1. Think about how to monetize the skills you already have

You don’t have to change personalities or go back to university to make this lifestyle work for you. Think of what skills you already have: what do you do for your day job, or the day job you had in your home country?

Job searching abroad can sometimes convince you that your skills are not worth anything anymore, but don’t believe that voice of insecurity. As long as someone, somewhere pays for a skill you have, then it is valuable.

And if no one has paid for that before that you know of? Invent it! During the pandemic, people paid for virtual babysitting, online golf lessons and even digital doctor’s appointments.

You are only limited by your imagination.

2. Learn from people who have done it

This isn’t code for “take an online class.” Online courses can be really high-value in the online business world, but this is about something bigger: changing your mindset and believing every day that it’s possible to successfullywork from anywhere in the world online.

The easiest way to internalize this is to fill your feed with success stories. Follow people on Instagram, read books, listen to podcasts, sign up for email newsletters from people who are successfully living this lifestyle and share resources.

3. Start building up your experience and authority online

The easiest way to build up a portfolio for a digital skill is to just start doing it. Start building your social following, start publishing your writing or photography, start developing a course that you’ll offer on Outschool.

An invitation will not arrive in the mail to invite you to pursue your online career path. You have to invite yourself. Or, consider this a formal invitation from me.

I invite you to start something new, to be bad at the beginning, to make mistakes, and to ultimately figure this world of making money online out and make fantastic income with it.

Work From Anywhere In The World Online Final Thoughts

The online landscape changed to your benefit in 2020. Don’t sell your skills short by thinking they can’t enter the digital world and offer you the opportunity to securely make money anywhere in the world.

This is the right time to start an online business. If the ability towork from anywhere in the world onlinewould make your expat lifestyle easier, you owe it to yourself to try.

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